[Warning] 4 Secrets to Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company

[Warning] 4 Secrets to Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company



Reality for many. Is it yours?

The last quarter of the year is here, its October already. You are sitting at the kitchen table with head in your hands wondering if it’s ever going to get any better. Your boss is still on your back, the job hasn’t gotten any better than last year. The year is winding down and you’ve not made any headway on those credit card bills. The kids are beginning to sound like a choir with their requests for that special toy or game for Christmas.

How are you going to manage it all on your paycheck that is already too small? You’re probably asking yourself if you are going to be stuck in that go nowhere job for the rest of your life!

Have you ever wondered if network marketing could really WORK for you?

A peek into the past

That scenario was me just 20 years ago. When I think about those memories they bring me to my knees and tears well up in my eyes. Those were some very rough years for me and my family. Yet, they also were the years that formed the businesswoman I am today.

What can you do you ask? With time being so short you’ve got to figure out a way to pay those bills, get the gifts the kids want and make yourself happy, too. There is a way. But, you must do a little research first. Going off half-cocked will only get you in deeper.

There’s no time for more trouble. Now it’s time to search for the right business for you. The business that is not only going to help you earn money but help you feel fulfilled again. Maybe your new business will even fuel the passion you once had for helping others, too.

That is exactly what I did and it’s how I have managed to pay off over $80,000.00 in credit card debt over the past 15 years. I’ve found my passion for life and helping others again. The business that fulfills me and fans the fiery passion deep inside me is network marketing. What 4 secrets did I use to help me choose the right one for me?

4 Secrets to Business 101

Today let’s look at those 4 secrets that I learned years ago. Those secrets helped protect me from getting involved in “Ponzi schemes” and “pyramids”. These 4 secrets enabled me to choose a network marketing company based on solid business principles. Wise men and women who get involved in network marketing don’t just jump in. Instead, they take it upon themselves to begin their business ownership role immediately. That role includes researching the following 4 secrets not many people know about.

1 – Product/Service       

  • Is the product unique
  • Is it consumable
  • Is it exclusive

2 – Company Leadership

  • Experience of Leaders/Executives
  • Finances
  • Public/Private

3 – Compensation Plan

  • Short term income
  • Long term income
  • Bonus plan
  • Retail/Wholesale income

4 – Timing (S-Curve)

  • Trends-versus-Fads
  • Current Promotions
  • Proven Track Record
  • Yesterday’s news

These 4 secrets are not widely talked about by many friends and family who share most network marketing opportunities. Sheer excitement over a product or paycheck causes them to want to share with you. That in and of itself is not a bad thing, in their minds, they are thinking of you and your welfare.

However, most likely they don’t know the answers to the above 4 secrets about the network marketing company they are involved in either. [You don’t know what you don’t know] sums up why they haven’t told you about those 4 secrets yet…they simply don’t know about them.

Now you know, ask questions, decide and share

  • If you are sick and tired of being broke all the time, not being able to go shopping without looking at the checkbook first – this is for you.
  • If you are tired of the same old routine of punching that time clock to get a paycheck that doesn’t give you the lifestyle you want and deserve then – this is for you.
  • If you’ve always dreamed of spending time with your kids or grandkids when you want to not when you can work them into your schedule then – this is for you.

Once you discover the answer to these 4 secrets then you will have found the right network marketing business for you. If you have a business, are making the kind of money you want and are living life instead of life living you…this is NOT for you.

In the coming weeks, we will dive a little deeper into each secret. Understanding how each secret helps you build a solid business, you will be able to make a wise decision instead of an emotional one.

If you are ready to discuss these 4 secrets of network marketing contact me. In a brief interview, I’ll be able to tell if you are a match to work with me. You’ll be able to know if you have discovered the 4 secrets to choosing the right network marketing company for you.


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