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Monkeying Around Las Vegas Heals Heart

Aging Baby-boomer Meets Bentley the Chimpanzee

It all started in San Antonio, TX

Leaving behind a fourteen year business and the comfort I found in "my comfort zone" was not easy. Transitioning to a new top business opportunity with new leadership and product wasn't easy for me. However, after learning from a renowned business coach that we must listen to what our marketplace wants; it was time to jump.

After several months of dipping my toe in the proverbial waters we decided to attend the next Elite Academy training in San Antonio, TX. Negative, skeptical and cautious are really mild words to say the least about how hubby and I were feeling as our plane flew over the landscape far below.

Our decision to give it one more try, to push toward our dream of being free from debt, free from the bondage of the time stealer was stronger than the desire to quit. This training was going to be the indicator of "will it work" or not. Little did we know how this first conference was going to impact our lives then and in the future.

New friendships can make a difference

Taking off the rose colored glasses we decided to cautiously, strategically make new friends. Our determination to get to the core of the beliefs, strategies and heart of this company called LifeVantage was our primary mission. We knew it all started with the type of people involved as business partners otherwise known as distributors.

I don't know about you, but we had had enough of the hype, motivation and rah rah to last a lifetime. This go round needed to be down and dirty, real and align itself with our core beliefs and frankly our personality, too. By the end of day one we were feeling a little relieved. So far the majority of people we had met seemed genuine, salt of the Earth people just like us.

We joined a group of distributors from our team and headed to dinner. It was this dinner and the conversations enjoyed by all that made us decide we had made the right move at the right time. There were beauticians, secretaries, ranchers, business professionals and animal trainers in the mix. Each of them told stories of their lives, work experiences and how the business was presented to them.

One woman who sat across the table from me seemed of particular interest to me. Beautiful and captivating, Sue told stories of her honey and his business…chimpanzee rescue. Now remember, before becoming an auto transport broker I thought people towed their cars behind them, right? I had no idea that someone would be willing to pay someone to arrange transportation on their behalf; so it was not strange to me to ask about how they got into the chimpanzee rescue business.

The meal was exquisite and we all had the time of our lives visiting and getting to know one another. Little did I know that Sue and I would become great friends, supportive of each others businesses and lives to boot.

Las Vegas here we come

After returning from San Antonio and Elite Academy we went right to work sharing the little video and helping others change their lives just like we had. Implementing one tip we learned at the conference made  big difference in our bottom line.

Sue and I became each others mentor and called each other weekly to keep ourselves on task. Over the holidays both of our businesses grew in a season typically where people don't work their network marketing businesses; strange don't you think?

Soon it was time to register for the next Elite Academy. It was very exciting because it was being held in Sue's hometown of Las Vegas, NV. Yes, not only would we receive new training and tools to build our top business opportunity but we would be able to see and visit our new found friends again.

Being a self-employed auto transport broker I had the time and circumstance to be able to fly in a day early and leave a day late. This gave us the opportunity to have some fun while not burning the midnight oil.

Some three thousand four hundred excited distributors filed their way into the convention center for a day and a half to hear and learn from top distributors who had gone before them. There were some tearjerker stories like Dillon Delany, a 15 year old boy from Arizona who sacrificed his motocross career for mom and dad to build their business.

Wrapping up the conference we all were eager to get home to use the new skills we had learned. But wait…we had the evening and a whole day to have some fun. You see, this is an area I am working on. Lots of folks tell me that I am a workaholic…I don't see it that way, but regardless what's the harm in working on having more fun in our lives, right? (Laughing as I write this)

That evening we went out to experience new foods, drinks and friends. All were as excited as we were and the waiters, waitresses and bus-boys didn't stand a chance. Names and numbers were flying on napkins as fast as they could be written. This was fun…believe it or not. Here is one of our waitresses and her messenger, Beth…don't they look like they had a blast!

Life is about enjoying all experiences

Sunday was a day of sheer relaxation and fun. Straightening up our hotel room we prepared for a brunch with Sue at one of the local breakfast houses. The omelets were large enough to feed three, no joke. The homemade nut bread was to die for and melted in our mouths.

Next on the agenda was to meet Bentley, the three year old chimpanzee. All of our hearts pounded with anticipation and excitement…we had never been near a chimpanzee let alone meet and hold one. Lack of knowledge can lend fear to any situation. In light of the recent headlines in the news about the chimpanzee that wrecked havoc with the friend of one of Sue's friends I was scared a bit.

Sue's sweetheart took the time to tell us the real story and educate us about raising chimps, the do's and don'ts just like any animal. Although you won't feel what we all felt being there…in the presence of this adorable little man I thought I'd share a few pictures of my experience holding and playing with Bentley, the chimpanzee.

       Me and Bentley              Kenzy the Chimpanzee         Michael, Sue & Bentley

Our adventure in Las Vegas came to an end as we checked out of our hotel, caught the shuttle to the airport and boarded the plane for home. Our hearts were changed forever by meeting Sue in San Antonio, TX. Receiving the gift of a hug and gaze by Bentley the chimpanzee will forever burn in my mind and I can't wait for our next trip to Anaheim, CA for our annual convention. Who knows what stars we might see on the streets of Hollywood!

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Join me next time as you experience more fun with this fiery grandma who has her genes tuned up and is raring to go.

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