Baby-boomers unite in Las Vegas at LifeVantage Elite Academy

(High school friends Beth, Carla and Teri meet Facebook friend Vern)

What Goes On In Las Vegas Is Coming To You

Excitement still rages within my blood and genes

Oh my word we are still excited! This past weekend I traveled with my high school friends and business partners Beth and Teri to Las Vegas, NV. You are probably wondering why we went to the city that never sleeps and hosts famous entertainers year round.

As business partners building our future with LifeVantage and Protandim we have been blessed to work with many talented people around the nation. Working with professionals like certified health coaches, doctors, chiropractors and professional network marketers, we felt it was time to step up. It was time to take our business to the next level and learn higher leadership skills.

January 27th and 28th we attended Elite Academy 8. We networked with some of the top distributors in the company, some brand new distributors and even some who had never heard of this amazing product or opportunity. All of us learned how to help others reach their goals and dreams, too. Some even shared that they had no hope, no dreams left…life had beat them down so far that they couldn’t see over the top any longer.

After the day and a half conference their tune had changed. Hope was re-established, they saw their dreams on the horizon again. Young and old alike came out of the event with a new bounce in their step.

I thought of all of you and where I was just ten short months ago…sitting in your chair. I met a young man there, just 15 years old. Dillion and his mom and dad are distributors who shared their story from the stage. His story impacted me so much so that I’d like to share his story with you. Click below to watch a compelling short video about Dillion Delaney and LifeVantage.

If there is any question in your mind about getting started, building a business using LifeVantage as the tool or reaching your goals we would love to get those answers for you. Leave a comment below or send a direct message, share your questions with us so we can get you the information you need to make an informed decision.

This company is moving quickly. People who have been in the industry are noticing and wondering what is causing our numbers and profits to explode through the roof. In one simple word it is excitement for the hairdresser who had no hope of retiring, the truck driver who couldn’t feed his family yet worked seven days a week, or the underground miner who risked life and limb yet was going broke. Real people with real needs grabbed hold of this chance to help their neighbors and it is working.

If you are like we are you’ll take a chance on your hopes and dreams one more time. Don’t give up on yourself or your family’s future, join us and together, arm in arm we will lead the way to a new tomorrow. Click here to begin your journey to renewed health, energy and endurance.

Looking forward to rolling up my sleeves and going to work to help you achieve your dreams, goals and the business of your desires. Have an awesome week and let’s share the health benefits of this product and company with everyone we love and care about.

By the way, do you watch Dr. Phil? Spokesperson, Donny Osmond is appearing to share his story and how Protandim has changed his life over the past two years.

Join me and thousands of viewers across the nation as we watch Donny Osmond on The Dr. Phil show Wednesday, February 8, 2012. To check times and local listings, please visit — as the show airs at differing times across the nation.

Oh, I almost forgot…the monkey business is another story yet to come. This one deserves a story all it’s own. Join me next time as you experience more fun with this fiery grandma who has her genes tuned up and is raring to go.

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