“It Made Me Laugh At Life – Its Healthy”

“It made me laugh at life, it's healthy“…



Have you ever watched someone; something on a show and it brought back memories of long ago? That happened to me as I watched a program on TV…America’s Funniest Videos.
I’m not some freak that likes to watch people getting hurt; but, I have a confession to make. Since I’ve been little I have this weird part of me that, well… it made me laugh when someone got hurt.
I know…I said it was weird
I remember several occasions…
Once a young friend of mine fell down scrapping her knee; she came crying to her mom and it made me laugh. Her mom was so mad; she scolded me and sent me to time out!
In yet another incident; I laughed when someone got hurt it involved my dad. We had a little Shetland pony, named Prince. As I remember him, he was short, very stocky and more bull-headed than sweet. Dad bought this cute little buggy that he thought he could use to give all of us rides.
As we all gathered around the fence watching Dad harness Prince we couldn’t wait for our turn to ride. As Dad climbed into the buggy and drove Prince up the hill we could tell something wasn’t right.
Dad snapped the reins; Prince took off at a full run down the hill. The buggy hit a rut; my dad and the buggy went flying their separate ways.
We burst into laughter as my dad landed with a thud. The buggy crashed to the ground and Prince stood there looking back at dad.
Well, we didn’t laugh for long…we never got that ride in the buggy. Although we got to keep Prince, the buggy was sold. That was the last time we ever spoke of it… until now.
To laugh when someone gets hurt can end in hurt feelings and a sore butt.
I really got into trouble from my mom when I laughed at a 4-H meeting.
My mom was the leader for cake decorating. The kids in her class were what they call High 4-Her's, upper grade or high school age kids.
During one class they were making frosting. Mom clearly gave them instructions on how to use the mixer, mixing bowl and the right utensils.
However, one girl didn’t follow instructions. She used her fingers to scrap the sides of the bowl instead of the spatula. It didn’t take long; in the blink of an eye her fingers were twisted; wrapped within the beaters of the mixer. Her face went white and all activity stopped.
Mom came rushing over to unplug the mixer and help her get out of the fix she was in.
My reaction…”it made me laugh, it's healthy“. Those girls were so mad at me. I wasn’t laughing at the pain she was in; I was laughing at the stupid situation she put herself in by not following directions.
Have you ever seen fingers twisted up into a beater? She didn’t break any fingers; they were bruised and sore, like her ego.
Yes, mom sent me to my room and later I got spanked.
“It made me laugh – it's healthy” but…
when someone gets hurt or worse it can be way out of line.
Yet that is exactly what happened when my first husband passed away. I don’t want to offend anyone, so please know that there is no disrespect intended as I share this story.
I was young, barely 20 years old when my high school sweetheart died from complications of Leukemia. After nine long months of dealing with his illness; standing by his side to the very end, it all ended with one breath and he was gone.
In shock and disbelief I sat by the bed as the doctors gave me some sort of pill to calm my nerves; allow me to sleep. No, it wasn’t funny, I didn’t laugh.
The next day though when my family and friends went with me to the mortuary the tension and stress was too much for me. All of the emotion, the stress; dealing with family and such really took its toll on me.
I couldn’t bring myself to make the arrangements; it really sent me over the edge. As my parents worked through making choices for me, my girlfriend and I sat in the dark, quiet office waiting for them to return.
She didn’t quite know what to do or say, so she just started babbling to break the silence. I don’t remember her exact words; all I do remember is something about “the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out” and it was all over.
It made me laugh like a hysterical kid and it was healthy for me. As the mortician and my parents came back into the office they must have thought I’d cracked.
I think I did, because it was that laughter that sent me into the three days of crying that was long overdue. All of the pent up emotion of the ordeal I had endured poured out of me in wet tears.
To this day I thank my friend for being there; helping me break through those emotional blocks I’d put up for so long. She helped me to “laugh at life because it's healthy“.
The last of the controlled laughter…
It seems that laughter has had a place in my life; my whole life. Why not, it makes me feel good and relieves so much tension and stress. I've come to learn that by laughing at life it's healthy. I don't know exactly what it does, all I know is I feel euphoric when I'm done!
I worked at a local bank; in an office full of women. Each had her own duties; some were interdepartmental jobs; while some were totally in different departments.
On some days you could cut the tension with a knife. It was one of those days that the silence was killing me. In case you don't know me well…well, I'm pretty social
One of my co-workers walked by and slyly made a joke. It caught me off guard; tickled my funny bone and it was all over.
I started to giggle at first; the more I thought about it the funnier it got. I burst into hysterical laughter and laughed so hard that I cried. My nose started to run, and then…oh my gosh the unthinkable, I snorted.
The whole office burst into laughter. It wasn’t long though and the office Gestapo came and hauled me off to the conference room.
Can you believe…I got counseled and written up for laughing! I was amazed, shocked and in utter disbelief returned to my cubicle laughing.
Now you know why I am self-employed, work at home…because I can laugh anytime, anywhere, with whomever I choose to laugh with.
They say laughter is contagious; my friend Rick would agree. Whenever he hears me laughing he starts laughing. It's like the domino effect; when we get together is can be dangerous…we even get side-aches together.
Today, I am sharing why it made me laugh with you. Here's to your good health. Try it, it works and it's healthy…
Carla J Gardiner, The Fiery Grandma
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