Some things have been happening in the business world and are not unique to the online space. This applies to brick-and-mortar, affiliate, and network marketing—it's all business. I would let it slide because sometimes, if we can't control something, why stir the pot?

But you know what? I dance to the beat of my own drum. 🥁

I have an opinion, and it was just churning in my gut. My name is Carla Gardiner, and I will share with you what happened this week—what got my motor running. It's a question I want to leave you to think about over the weekend. It's a small word, but you've probably heard it before INTEGRITY.

What Is Integrity?

We use words constantly, yet we may not grasp their deeper meanings. Integrity is the quality of being honest, having strong moral principles, and standing upright. So think about that. When you have a business transaction, do you act with integrity? Do you feel that we should?

Let's wear two different pairs of shoes. First, let's wear your shoes, and then I'll wear mine. What would happen if someone came to you and you shared the benefits of this awesome hot pink gel pen? You shared what it does, how it does, and the results, as well as how it makes it different from a regular pen. Now, you forget all about it and go on with your day. That person shows up, whether in another business, on Facebook, or Instagram, and suddenly, they're touting the benefits of this hot pink gel pen. But they didn't buy it from you, and you shared about it. You asked for the sale, but they were in information-gathering mode.

You, by presenting this pen, acted with integrity. You were honest and gave them what they were searching for. Now, flip the scenario, and let's talk about that buyer. The buyer has choices and can buy from whoever they want, right? But were their actions in integrity with the original presenter? Probably not. Let's get into the psychology of sales and business—how to react and how to act.

A Lesson in Integrity

A friend and I had this conversation 20 years ago. I was not too fond of his answer then, and, still, I'm not too fond of it today, but it's so applicable. I try to use it whenever I have an integrity issue with someone or I see or feel it. It just doesn't make me feel right. Anyway, he said this: “Carla, business is business. It's nothing personal.”

That's it. Yeah, that's it.

We must remember that everyone makes choices. Everyone is responsible for standing in integrity or not. The problem is how we receive it and feel about it.

Handling Integrity Issues

If the person who did that was a friend, someone you trusted, known, and liked, and they did that, perhaps they are not thinking about you because they're thinking about themselves, right? So think about putting yourself in their shoes. You will do business with the person you feel is right for you at any moment. We have to bless them, release them, and move on. Don't take it personally, although we do, and I'm guilty, too.

It hurts our feelings. We thought they were friends.

Business is business. Put on your big girl or big boy pants. Put your shoulders back, hold your head high, and march forward in your business with integrity. Be honest, stand on good, strong moral principles, and always do what grandma taught me: the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Trust me, my friend, it will come back around full circle.

With that, I need coffee. I haven't had coffee yet this morning. ☕

Final Thoughts

My grandma life and affiliate business rocks. If you'd like to know more about what I'm doing in integrity, comment “learn,” and I'll send you some information, or you may click here to receive the information sooner. Have an awesome day, my friends.


[Watch the full video below to hear more about my thoughts on integrity!]

I hope this resonates with you and inspires you to think about integrity in your business transactions. Let's keep the conversation going—I'd love to hear your thoughts! 💬