Like I Don’t Have Enough To Do Already

Like I Don’t Have Enough To Do Already

I gave up blogging.

It was time to dig deep, to make a business decision one that I had been ignoring for years. I knew where my passion was, or so I thought. I didn't want to admit failure. They told me blogging was the answer to all of my problems. Really? Like I don’t have enough to do already! But, like any good student, I did what I was told to do…I blogged. I didn’t know what to talk or blog about, let alone what others would be interested in reading.

My inner voice was saying “Who wants to read about a middle-aged woman who works like a crazy woman for her family”? Surely they have better things to do. I’m sure they are thinking “like I don’t have enough to do already”.

So here we are today, I’m taking up the proverbial pen again, in my case putting fingers to the keyboard one more time. This time, it is with a renewed passion, not the one I thought was inside of me. No, this time, it is to help others with their needs, in whatever way they need help…not with some underlying motive of selling them something or signing them up to do what I do. Nope…it is simply to share my thoughts, my experiences in life with others. My guess is someone somewhere is about to go through what I have been through at some point in my life. After all, I am 59 years young and have experienced a lot in those years.

My mind is saying “like I don’t have enough to do already”; but, my heart is saying write, blog, share…NOW. Today is the best day ever, through the pain, the tears and lessons of life of a working woman you will find anecdotes, stories and sometimes just a good read. Some may be long and others very short, isn’t that a lot like the days of our lives? Oh…wasn’t that a soap opera back in the day?

I’ve learned to pay attention to that inner voice and today was one of those promptings…like I don’t have enough to do already? And so it begins … I blog.