How To Turn Your Hubby The Skeptic Into A Firm Believer

How To Turn Your Hubby The Skeptic Into A Firm Believer

Hey, good afternoon, everybody.

Do I have good news for you! So, here's the deal, hubby doesn't know that I'm going to use him as an example. I'm going to report to you that because he is eating right, supplementing properly, getting the proper rest, and keeping an eye on any health issues he may have had paid off.

My name is Carla Gardiner, The Fiery Grandma. I have really big news to report on behalf of hubby. It's a BIG, BIG deal for me because when you can turn your worst skeptic into your best, biggest advocate, it's huge. Here's what happened … when I started to eat real food, to ditch the sugar, get rid of the processed crap; you know, the boxed stuff in the pantry; no more chips and guacamole sitting on the couch at 10 o'clock at night eating mindlessly. When I lost the weight, a lot of my health issues went by the wayside, but that didn't convince him.

It wasn't until his health started declining that he kind of got scared and started to listen. He stopped complaining and started eating right along with me and shed the weight. That wasn't even the biggest deal!

I'm going to fast forward to today.

So many of his health issues went by the wayside, just like mine did without medication. We didn't need medication. We don't have ibuprofen in the cupboard. We don't need painkillers. He is 74. I'm 64. How many of you know people our age that can say they have vitamins, essential oils, and creams that they use in place of prescription meds. That's how we roll and like it or not, it works. We have many skeptics out there and I am here to report the best checkup he's ever had.

So are you guys ready?

His doctor was shocked! I understand why. When 74-year-old men go in for their annual checkups too many times, it's not good news. Instead of good news, it's usually “what else is wrong today that wasn't wrong yesterday”?

Here's where he got to check off those boxes … check, check, check and he was glowing. Do men glow? Maybe I'd better not say that. He was smiling from ear to ear as he gave me his report. And there's another thing, another major box he got to check off. He was smiling about something that I'll save to the end. His blood pressure was the best it's ever been. 124 over something. Numbers don't mean anything to me; anyway, I guess that's good. His kidneys, his lab work came back perfect. And the doctor was like, what are you doing?

His liver enzymes. Perfect. His sugar. Perfect. His lungs sounded good and clear. His heart is strong as an ox.

Now, are you ready for the big one?

Big I'm talking monumental…for hubby!

You see he gets anxious about driving in traffic; on the freeway, major anxiety, even if I'm driving and I'm a good driver, it's not that, but he doesn't like traffic.

I had things I had to do. I could not take him to his doctor's appointment. His doctor's appointment was not down the street where he gets his labs done. No, it was down the freeway in another town, this was a major factor.

He not only drove to and got on the freeway; but, he drove to another town that he had never been to. He had never been to this doctor's office before and he found it on his own without GPS or a cell phone (that is a whole other article, lol)

Yes, Terry, it's HUGE.

He was just smiling. He felt very accomplished. He got in, got out with a good report. He felt good about driving himself, and navigating back a huge accomplishment at 74 folks!

The number one thing hubby did to receive this report without a doubt is he got on board with me, eating right. He ditched the processed crap. No more junky snacks. We eat and get full-on animal protein. We have healthy carbs that are prepared in healthy fats, real butter. I'm not saying a stick of butter, rather healthy amounts, moderate. We eat berries, good nuts, real nuts, not peanuts, and water with electrolytes.

Number two, he took a health assessment. Although he didn't want to, he went kicking and screaming even though it was online, lol. He took the health assessment to get his specific unique micro nutrients that foods do not provide. Our soil is depleted. You can get some nutrition, but you don't get all you need from our food anymore. You just don't. He agreed to get started with his recommended daily supplements that targeted his daily needs. That was number two.

The third thing he does is to get the proper sleep. Our nighttime routine has been the same for 40 something years. It's gotten better as we've gotten older and we don't have the kids' crazy schedules for sports and stuff. Still, we get eight solid hours of sleep.

Fourth thing and he kicked and screamed on this one, too. He was not big on essential oils, but he has watched me use them for different things and get major results. He has watched how those oils affect babies and older kids while we take care of them. If Maisie is in a meltdown, a foul, three-year-old mood all I have to do is start the diffuser. I just sit and talk to her, letting the oils go up into the air and wash over her, her whole demeanor changes. So when he started getting anxious about driving to Meridian, I took a roller of Adaptive, rolled it down his spine. You could see him relax, begin breathing normally again in about five minutes. He wasn't like a cat on a hot tin roof, prancing around all freaked out about driving.

So friends, if you or someone you know, are ready to make changes to get a health report, like my hubby just did at 74 years young, let's have a virtual coffee and see what you need. You can grab a time that's convenient for you by clicking here

You may not need what we need, but let's figure it out. Aren't you worth it? Isn't your family worth it? Isn't it worth it to you to invest in your health instead of paying a doctor or the pharmacy?

So, I was so excited and I had to share!!! This is Carla Gardiner, The Fiery Grandma signing off. Let's chat.