Arabian Mare Suffers With Arthritic Knees

Her name is Zamora and she lives right here, in my home town. Her owner, Sue recorded her journey to better health, less pain and amazing results using an all natural supplement called Protandim.

Zamora is a 23 year old Arabian mare. She suffered from severe arthritis in her knees and right hip. The pain and swelling made it difficult for the mare to walk, trot and gallop. As you can see in the video it appears she is in extreme pain. I know that if I walked like that it sure would indicate I was hurting. Doesn’t it make you cringe in sympathy for her?

Due to her inability to move like a horse should she developed 3 inches of abdominal edema from lack of mobility. Poor girl, if this were your mare what would you have done?

Her veterinarian told her owner it was time to put her down. She couldn’t even move to her watering trough very easily. It seemed the humane thing to do.

Sue decided to give her Arabian mare Protandim. Sue watched this video. Sue knew enough about inflammation that when she learned about oxidative stress and the link to chronic pain it seemed logical to at least give it a try.

Then it happened, using 1/2 a caplet per day…in just 3 days Zamora showed noticeable improvement. Sue didn’t make any claims; but, Zamora’s movements and actions speak for themselves.

If you are an animal lover, especially horses like I am then you owe it to your equine friend to watch the video. Educate yourself, protect your horses.

While you are at it contact me to learn more about sharing this with your friends whose horses deserve to feel and perform their best, too.