I’ve been in their shoes, the grieving it’s NOT pleasant. I wanted to throw up, it felt like they had kicked me in the teeth, punched me in the gut. Without a kind word of acknowledgment to all those who had dedicated years of their lives to build the company, they sent a letter to say it was all over.

The other day news of a company closing the doors on the very people who built the company came to my attention. Companies come and go, but in network marketing, the people who build it, the distributors, consultants, men, and women just like you and me, pour their lives into it. They build relationships with their teammates, their customers it’s not just a company or a business…it’s woven into their very lives.

Then I saw posts on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. Those specific posts made me nauseated. I began to relive the time in my past that I too suffered from a company taking away my business; one that I had spent ten years of my life building. I remembered how I began to feel the physical and emotional turmoil I endured. When it comes to grieving the death of a person, there is little you can do to feel any justice, other than contact someone like a Wrongful Death Attorney to see what can be done. However, when it comes to the death of a business, these are the 5 steps to grieving as I experienced them.

The grieving process for me went like this – at first, I was in utter shock. It was as if I had held my breath underwater for too long. My mind rushed and was unable to focus, comprehend what I had just read and heard. I denied to myself that this could and was really happening.

Next came sheer hatred for a company and culture I had embraced and loved for years. If I had known how to build a bomb, I would have leveled the corporate office, yep, I was that angry deep inside.

After the hatred and anger came feeling sorry for myself. What would I do now, how would I replace the income my family depended on? Where would I direct the passion I once had for our products that helped others as they had helped me?

I can remember vividly saying to myself “NEVER AGAIN”. I will not ever allow my heart and passion to be swayed or dedicated to a company again, never. I will devote myself to serving people, my friends, family, and neighbors but never a company so don’t talk to me about that stuff.

Finally, when the grieving cycle had completed my thoughts, heart and mind circled back around and I was ready to dip my toe in the waters of business and networking once again.

I thought it best to share with you what it felt like, what these friends and fellow network marketers are feeling or soon will feel so that you or those you know won’t be greedy, ferocious people (I know YOU aren’t, I don’t know or associate with people like this) trying to prey on those in a horrible situation and time in their lives and careers.

If you have ever shared an article I’ve written from my heart before, thank you. Remember the old adage “what you dish out comes back ten-fold”.

Now is the time to be compassionate, to be a friend, to put aside business and sales and act like a human being with feelings. Please share this article far and wide. Let us help soften the hearts of every marketer out there and serve those in need today.