Wow, looking for fresh fruits and vegetables – what a way to start the week.

Monday morning as I was booting up my computer, making the coffee and prying open my eyes, my husband flipped on the TV. Not being a morning person I'm wondering why I chose a home business that starts before the crack of dawn.

You see, I own and operate an auto transport brokerage and dispatch center. I coordinate the transport of vehicles for my clients and locate car hauler trucks to accomplish that. Since my business covers the world, I must accommodate the majority of the population to earn my portion of the business.

Before I share more about the business I want to go back to the TV issue for a minute.  I'm usually very annoyed at the noise made by the TV and prefer it remain off. My office is adjacent to the living room and it makes for one more layer of needless humming throughout the day.

I love my mornings, with the doors open I am able to hear the doves cooing, see the deer grazing and watch the gray squirrels and mountain quail frolicking about in the dewy grass of the front yard. So usually I enjoy the quiet, but Monday the TV volume was up a bit more than usual and I overheard one of the reports.

This report stopped me dead in my tracks.

It was more than disturbing. I couldn't help but leave the office to watch the rest of the report on missing fresh fruits and vegetables from the diet of the residents.

The reporter was doing an expose on people's normal diet in the city of Detroit, MI. Sure unemployment is at an all time high, a large portion of the population have no car, but that wasn't the driving force for this report. Instead it was the choices the retail community is offering the public in general.

Did you realize there is zero…that's 0…fresh fruits and vegetables available in the stores there in that area of Detroit? I found that shocking, but then the report continued…those stores are only convenience stores offering packaged, processed foods. Without fail…every single store only provided packaged, processed foods…NO FRESH FOODS.

Do you find that as shocking as I do?

I've never visited a large city like Detroit. Having only lived in the small community where I grew up, it totals maybe 13,000 people including the unincorporated area of the county, makes it hard to imagine!

We have farms and ranches here. Most people have their own gardens. What they don't eat they preserve by following family traditions of canning, freezing, and drying foods from the garden for the winter months coming up.

We do have convenience stores here, but they do offer…although limited, fresh fruit and vegetables! We have plenty of supermarkets, farmers markets and the like where fresh food is plentiful. Boy, do I live a sheltered life or what? I will not be taking them for granted any longer either.

Then my focus drifted back to the children in the Detroit area. How are their little bodies going to grow without the nutrients in the fresh fruits and vegetables? How will their minds and brains develop with the proper food? The packaged foods are so full of sodium, dyes, msg, words I can't even pronounce! What are those ingredients doing to them long term?

After the report I had to get back into the office and get to work.

It is a high stress, intense business where dealing with people day in and day out can really pull on your emotions and your nerves. If it isn't a client anxious over where their car is, it's a driver yelling at you because he had a bad day and no one else to talk to.

I couldn't shake the picture of those kids in Detroit though. All day long I thought about how maybe one day I could have an impact on them somehow. I have drivers that deliver cars up there…maybe I could ship some fresh fruits and vegetables up to them via the truck!

All I know is that without the aid of my fresh fruits and vegetables I'd never be able to keep up with transporting. If the stress didn't get me, the migraines would. Lack of energy certainly would do me in and all of the customer service training in the world wouldn't be able to sustain my demeanor without those fresh foods and supplements.

Take a lesson from the great city of Detroit.

Don't let this be your kids. Don't let this be an example of you and your health. Imagine the superior benefits of these fresh fruits and vegetables…the best health insurance policy on the planet.

Take your family's health back into your hands. Provide them plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, clean water and ample exercise daily for their vibrant good health.

Here to Serve,

Carla J Gardiner

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