Fiery Grandma Unplugged to Ignite Desire for Business


Fiery Grandma Unplugged to Ignite Desire for Business

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut, not caring about much of anything or anyone?

Just a few short days ago I found myself in that situation.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. It is such a rush to help people, like you to break free of the bondage of that dead end job. When you call or email me to share how the products have helped your aching body the endorphins turn on like a rushing waterfall. The emotional rush is unlike anything else in the whole wide world.

Yet, the fiery grandma found herself drawing away both physically and mentally. What on earth was wrong with me?


All work and no play is deadly for fiery grandma

Remember back a few articles ago when Chat with Women interviewed me, the Fiery Grandma on their radio show? The ‘aha’ moment for me was when my little granddaughter, Maebh asked that fateful question “Grammy, why do you have to work all the time”.

That was turning point number one. Her comment also made me realize why I was working so hard at building my business – for time freedom. When I realized that I wanted to be able to spend quality time with my grand-kids when I want to, for as long as I want to – forever, it changed the way I worked my business. I know now to find a balance every single day to enjoy each moment.


Fiery grandma got it half right

The last trip to Idaho I was able to do just that. Carving out the time to eat breakfast with the kids allowed us to talk, laugh and play together when they were fresh and at their best.

Helping clean up the kitchen gave me time with my daughter and husband. Gosh, who knew working together could be so fun? It also freed up my daughter to enjoy our visit more, too.

Everyone was satisfied having spent some time together so I felt good about going up to the office to answer emails, return customer calls and make sure all business was taken care of.

Afternoons were spent in the pool, splashing, laughing and sunbathing with the kids. Next came the bike riding and looking at all the farm animals together talking about each one and what the kids liked and didn’t like about them.

Part of working for “you” is the freedom to be mobile. By simply forwarding the office phones to my cell phone I could be lounging and still take a customer call. Most customers appreciated that I took the call even though I was on a semi-vacation.

Still, my mind was on work. Would I give my customers the service they deserved while still giving my family the time they deserved? How would you handle that situation? Leave a comment below. I love hearing how other business owners balance their time out of the office.


Next trip, fiery grandma unplugged 100%

The long weekend of Labor Day rolled around after our trip to our daughters. Our son invited us to go with his family to the Oregon coast, one of my favorite vacation spots.

Little did I know the HUGE lesson I was about to learn. Pay attention to this part of the story, it will save you years of frustration, upset family members and you will like you way more, too.

Since most small businesses close for holidays I made an executive decision to NOT forward my phones, NOT get on social media or even take my computer along. If you are anything like I am you know how hard that decision was.

I must admit, three days of no phone calls, no emails popping up begging to be answered and no worries about anything at all were sheer heaven. I relaxed and enjoyed the beach, the attractions we visited and the company we stayed with; the fiery grandma had returned.

I can’t remember the last time I relaxed like that. Well, Fiery Grandma Unplugged to Ignite Desire for Businessyes I can…it was 9 years ago when I worked at the bank and took a week’s vacation. That my friend is WAY too long to go without being unplugged from cell phones, computers and work.

Don’t kid yourself like I did. Even though I had pared down my work hours when with family on vacation, my mind wasn’t 100% present. I didn’t really relax and unwind. There are real risks working like that, its called being a workaholic. It is unhealthy for your body, mind and relationships.


Redefining success after 50 is a process

None of us is perfect. We all learn all the time, even the fiery grandma. The trick is to keep working at it until we find that balance that we are happy with. For me and my family I’ve promised to unplug more often, on purpose.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to follow my lead. Unplug your cell phone, turn it OFF. Stay off of Facebook and Twitter (that includes Pinterest, too).

Friends love each other but our families deserve our undivided time, too.

If this article has helped you in any way, please share it with others who need to unplug. Everyone needs unplugged to ignite their desire for business like the fiery grandma did.


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