Fiery Grandma Asks Age Old Question

Fiery Grandma Asks Age Old Question

What Would Your Life Look Like if Money Were No Object

Today was a day like many others spent in the office; to-do list written out, looking for cars for my truck drivers, participating in my network marketing online business groups and more. Not a day goes by that doesn’t fly by, literally. Have you noticed how fast time is flying these days?

Checking out my Facebook wall it didn’t take long for my mind to start wandering. I started to think about some of my friends that I’ve reconnected with over the past few months. Social media has opened doors to re-establishing relationships with long lost high school friends who live across the nation and even some who live in other countries. I’ve wondered why is it that some have gone on to illustrious careers and others are seemingly stuck in dreary, dead end jobs. Why some are still at the peak of health and others are suffering from the aches and pain associated with arthritis, Fibromyalgia, cancer and more?

Have you ever taken the time to sit back, with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and ponder what would your life look like if money were no object? Think about what your health would be like. Would it be different than it is today? Do you think people with money have more options when it comes to the foods they eat, the health care available to them, the entertainment they are able to enjoy?

Healthy options if money were not an issue

For most people buying healthy foods instead of fast, junk food isn’t really a money issue. Instead we have fallen prey to the advertisers of the food industry. You know what I mean…you’re watching the late news and all of a sudden that commercial for the hot, steamy, cheesy pizza airs. Already wanting a snack the tantalizing description and dramatic acting hooks you. You find yourself dialing to order and grabbing the keys unable to stop the nagging desire for that delectable slice of heart attack just waiting for you at midnight.

Instead, when we eat smaller meals closer together we consume less food that is healthier for our bodies. Our energy level increases because we feel better, sleep better, move more and weigh less. The amazing part is that our grocery bill is less and this proves that we can eat healthy without money being an issue.

Speaking of smaller meals I learned an interesting fact that shocked me and I’ll bet it shocks you, too. Do you know what a serving of cheese looks like? What does a serving of red meat look like?

Chances are you don’t. Today many restaurants and fast food chains offer incentives to “super-size” everything from sodas to french-fries to the very meals themselves. Take a look at the pictures below. They will give you a lasting visual of the serving sizes you and your family should be eating.

Fiery Grandma Asks Age Old Question

                Fiery Grandma Asks Age Old Question

Before you have a heart attack let me explain. Changing the way and portions I eat didn’t happen for me overnight either. I was an avid “super-sizer” in the past, too. However, when I learned how to slow down, keep my metabolism up and burning properly, enjoy my food, the correct portions now fill me up and keep me going the right way.

So for now think about the possibilities for you and your family. Think about what life would be like with less pain and sickness. What would your life be like if you could start all over again and design it the way you’ve dreamed of?
Here is a short video to help you get started. If you enjoy it, be sure to share this article with those you love and care about too. Just imagine…

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