Feel Fantastic 95% Of The Time It Is Possible Even For A Senior

Feel Fantastic 95% Of The Time It Is Possible Even For A Senior

How do you feel most of the time, tired, depressed or full of vibrant good health?

By using alternative health choices to maintain our well being it is possible even for seniors to feel fantastic and have vibrant good health.

It’s not very often that I dwell on making alternative health choices or vitamins. But, today the subject kept popping up until finally it smacked me right in the face.

You see, I feel fantastic about 95% of the time. I don’t get sick.
Not having to think about how I feel or deciding what vitamin should I take allows me to simply enjoy feeling awesome. Having plenty of energy to keep going all day and into the night is awesome.
My life saved by a friend with alternative health choices…
A dear friend of mine sent an email to me the other day with a link to a YouTube video in it.
It got past me. In cleaning up my In-box today, I found it.
I had finished up a class just two days earlier with my business coach. She encouraged us to stay on task. We were to have laser sharp focus, not allowing distractions to pull us away from our projects.
But … why not, it was time for a break! I stopped.  
Closing many windows on my computer, I clicked on the link in the email. What an amazing vacation from reality!
I laughed so hard that I wet my pants! (Oh man, I can’t believe I told you that, “red-face” and all) Holy cow!
Then it hit me…
this is why we need alternative health solutions to take care of ourselves.
Now, all laughing aside, this video is sending us a powerful message.
Did you notice there was a “super fix” for almost every part of our body?
  • For our bulging tummies and our indigestion, oh Mylanta
  • For lack of memory there were some sort of senior memory pills. Can’t remember what they were!
  • Hubby’s sex life (if he still has one and knows what to do with it), has been remedied by Viagra.
  • Then the heart attack follows from too much excitement for too long.
  • Now girls believe it or not this applies to us, too. At our age who still has that “blushing”, “Come here stud”…in our vocabulary or enough hormones left to want to anymore?
Then there are our ovaries and bladders! I mean come on…I just pee’d my pants while laughing my butt off! What is that all about?
  • Do you still have your hair or is it thinning and falling out?
  • Your fingernails should be strong not breaking and splitting.
  • Your skin shouldn’t sag or be leathery. Rather it should be soft as a baby’s butt and taught.
  • Can you run after your kids, grand-kids or puppy like you used to?
  • When you stand up after sitting awhile your knees shouldn’t creak. They should be well oiled like when you were young.
  • Your teeth should be snug as a bug in a rug in your gums. Maybe you don’t even have your own teeth anymore.
I’ve had a couple of surgeries. My gall bladder is gone and I’ve had an anterior cervical fusion. What about you, still got them or are they history? 
Then we need to remember our math! Let’s watch our cholesterol, high blood pressure…let’s make sure we have our daily constitutional thingy working properly!
Stop the madness! I know, getting older is scary!We can feel fantastic 95% of the time if we choose healthy alternatives instead of drugs and medicine.
Lots to think about. Is it too much to think about?
Which part of the video got you laughing or relating to it’s point?
Now, I remember when…
You know I haven’t thought about those things in a very long while.
That little spoof could have been a look at me in the years to come though! Even at my young age, 16 1/2 years ago, back then I was falling apart. Not just one part of me either, the whole ball of wax was melting into the sunset!
Then my best friend at the time shared her secret with me, the secret to feel fantastic, alternative health and nutrition.  
Being so thankful for my friend’s help, I can sit back and be entertained by this rendition of “Are You Lonesome Tonight” with a smile on my face and laughter on my lips.
So, if you’ve ever wondered why you need to pay attention to your body. Eat better foods, make better choices…this is why. We can “Feel Fantastic 95% of the Time Even As A Senior“.
You get to choose…vibrant good health or be the star of a senior video with all those health problems!
I have a free gift for you…
Get your life back. Discover why 80 is today’s new 20!
Click on the link above, I’ll see to it that you get the e-book lickity split!

Check your in-box for your download. Wake up – feel fantastic 95% of the time like I do starting tomorrow.
(Don’t worry; I value your private information as much as you do. I promise not to spam you, nor violate your trust)

Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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