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Farewell Vacation Grandma’s Last Walk On The Beach
Final days of our vacation
Thinking back on the first few days of our family’s vacation we decided to pack some more fun into the last few days. The weather had cooperated each day just as if we had ordered it on the menu. When we visit the California coast it is not that way, usually it is cold, misty and windy. This trip we had sunshine, a warm breeze and only one day of rain. It was the perfect weather for beachcombing, building sand castles, playground fun and swimming with the kids.
baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer business
Copalis Beach is located near Ocean City, Washington and now held many memories for us. One of those memories was when we experienced the tsunami warning. We were all thankful that the officials posted electronic signs everywhere on the highways warning and preparing locals and tourists alike of the impending siren warnings. A more pleasent experience was when we went on a whale watching california tour and got to see whales in real life. It was fascinating and since then, the kids have loved whales. This time, instead of another tour we went and saw whale bones and teeth, but more about that later.

In light of recent disasters worldwide the sirens painted pictures all too vivid of what others must have felt like during the actual live tsunami in their areas. Standing outside in the parking lot we took the opportunity to talk with some of the local residents. One woman told us she was not concerned about a tsunami because her home was atop a hill. Since I know nothing about the lay of the land I asked her if it was out of harms way, high enough if a real storm came her way. She was confident she and her family would be safe and gave it no more consideration.

Another woman did not feel the same way. She told us she heeded every warning, real or test. There was no way she would doubt or think she knew more than the authorities in a situation like that. I must admit I agreed with her. It seems that storms and weather patterns lately are freakishly different than any normal storm patterns of the past.

After the tsunami drill was finished we packed up the kids and decided to return to the Ocean Shores Interpretive Center for another afternoon of learning and fun. My daughter’s husband and our second grandson had not been able to join us the first visit and the experience was too good to pass up. Both were excited to be able to see what we were so excited about.
Mid-morning outing

Driving through the small city we took the time to check out the local golf course. My husband and son had taken one day and enjoyed the green tree-lined course enjoying each others company… and the game. (Not professionals by a long shot, they just enjoy being out of doors with each other).

The area seemed to be just like any other neighborhood in a small town. The economy seemed a bit slow, but then it was toward the end of the summer season and most tourists were gone. There were many, almost too many signs advertising homes for sale, homes for rent and not a lot of traffic beating down the doors. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there are lots of people in and around California who would want to buy some of those properties for sale. Me included. I’ve also heard that there are plenty of Rolling Hills Estates homes for sale for anyone who is looking to upgrade on their current home. And they also look beautiful too. If anything, people should be jumping at the chance to buy some of the available properties. But for many, it is just not possible at the minute. Many businesses were closed and the buildings empty. Sad, it is a cute area and town… the people are friendly and down to earth.

Finally we arrived at the Ocean City Interpretive Center only to find it was not yet open. Approaching the door we found we had fifteen minutes to kill. If you know anything about kids you know where we went and what we did for those fifteen minutes!
Yes, it was out back to the playground we went to watch them slide, teeter-totter and run. Our grandson, Thaedrin has a message to share.
Here you can see why they had so much fun, a kid’s paradise.
baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer businessbaby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer businessbaby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer business
When the doors opened the kids entered like they owned the place. They remembered where the touchable items were, the treasure maps and the rubber marine animals. One of their favorite areas was the whale bones.
baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer business
Next our son, Dan and grandson Aebyric checked out the sea otter fur. Even at ten months old Aebyric enjoyed the different textures of the pelts, shells and bones.
baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer business
Our granddaughter, Maebh liked the whale skeleton and baleen, as well as the giant seahorse in the case out front. Her favorite part of the vacation was shopping and spending time with us. (She is all girl don’t you think)
baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer business
Dureyin, grandson number one liked the whale skeleton and teeth. His favorite was the sea shell room where one of the curators taught him how the animals live inside of them. He is a very inquisitive little guy. He even wanted to know why Grammy wanted to know all this stuff about his vacation.
baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer business
Grandson number two, Thaedrin’s favorite part was making footprints in the sand of the different animals found locally. That activity ran a close race with the playground and sandbox outside the complex.

Finally, our favorite part was the extensive knowledge of the volunteer staff and their stories. Each had their own area of expertise. They found true happiness sharing what they loved. Some had been born and raised in the area while others had moved into the area. For our grandkids it was better than a school field trip. Hands on learning from people who work, play and live in the area they were teaching others about.

As our day at the Ocean City Interpretive Center drew to a close the kids gathered their gifts of agates, sand dollars and shells along with their treasure maps of the area and hopped into the van. Driving back to our rooms we talked about the fun time we had at the center, Ocean City and the beach, too.
baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer business

Sadly, the next day was our last day together for our vacation. Packing up all our belongings we hugged our grandkids and kids goodbye. They were headed into Seattle to visit some family friends before heading home for Idaho. We headed south, back to California to continue building our retirement part-time business.

It was bittersweet, our saying goodbye. Yet we knew it was time to re-enter the real world of serving our customers. Sliding into our regular daily routine and saving for our next trip it would take focus and work to take our business to the next level.

What did your family do for vacation this year? Please, share below we love hearing how families around the world spend their time with family, friends and each other. Until next time, hug those kids, love on the grandkids and save for the next adventure being a baby-boomer living life large!
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