Dreams of Weight Management Eating Dark Chocolate

Dreams of Weight Management Eating Dark Chocolate

Have you ever had dreams of eating dark chocolate and…

I actually turned off my computer Saturday and went out to lunch with my husband, cruised the mall while window shopping for the afternoon. As we passed the candy shop in the mall I made my hubby stop! I wanted a piece of See’s Candy.

Yep… you read that right, See’s Candy and I got that hunk of candy I had been dreaming about! Ok, I’ll admit it…I got dark chocolate so the guilt was a bit less on my weight management plan! None the less, we had a great day! I left my cares at home, inside the box on my desk called my computer! I got rid of my stress, even if it was only for a day, it felt good and I wanted more of it.

How do I eat dark chocolate and focus on my weight management?

  • Today’s hottest topic…

Women over 50 think about it day and night. Dreaming about the end result, how to begin, where to turn, who to believe. What works, what doesn’t work, do this,do that…

We are talking about losing weight. A better term is weight management. We need to look at all of the factors to losing weight, including the mental, physical and emotional side of dieting, eating and why we do what we do.

Imagine if you could wake up each day, not worry about your weight and lose weight! Imagine if your body worked the way it used to, you wouldn’t have to worry about your weight. Imagine if you could put together a plan and it actually was simple, effective and lasted! Hold onto your hats guys and gals, because I am going to show you how I do just that!

Let’s look at some of the triggers that make us eat the way we do?

  • The first trigger is our state of mind.

Some women over 50 eat when they are depressed, others eat when they are happy, and yet some eat when they are bored. If you recognize the state of mind you are in, you can stop the behavior that follows. Recognition is key, my weakness is boredom. If I sit and watch TV for any length of time I find myself shoving food into my mouth…and I’m not even hungry! The next thing I have to work on is putting into action my will power.

  • The second trigger is your physical state.

If your metabolism is sluggish or like many women over 50…non-existent then your body won’t operate at it’s peak. You won’t feel like doing anything. Sometimes when in this state, you don’t feel like eating. When you don’t, this triggers a snowball effect. It complicates and confuses your metabolic system even more.

When you get up and move, no matter how little, it puts your body into “burner mode”. When you eat regular, small meals it fuels the fire. Your system will start it’s engine so to speak and your mood will elevate along with it. I use a small glass for my water. This way I have to get up more often during the day to refill the glass.

While I’m up I use the restroom…walking around the long way for my exercise! I once heard it described this way. Have you ever heated your home with a wood burning stove? Then you know that once you start the fire with paper and kindling, you must add wood to keep the fire burning, right? Your body is the same way. By eating 4 to 5 small meals per day you will keep your “stove” stoked and your metabolism up and burning the fat for fuel (or energy).

  • The third trigger is external messages.

Advertising is prevalent today, TV, radio, billboards by the roadside and the list goes on. Everywhere you turn there are ads wanting you to buy this, buy that…eat here, eat there. Ever noticed when you sit down for the evening to watch a little TV after dinner that when the commercial comes on for Breyers or Haagen Daz Ice Cream, you want it. You not only want it, your mouth waters, you want it so bad that if it is not in your freezer, you make your husband go get it for you?

In today’s world the lives we lead are fast paced. Rarely do we see families sitting down together for a hot breakfast. It is more common to see parents making a quick trip through McDonalds drive through for an Egg McMuffin. Lots of kids eat in the car on the way to school or the daycare center, while parents grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks and don’t even eat at all. This adds more stress to the body’s chemical structure and it releases cortisol.

Cortisol is the chemical responsible for managing your metabolism, blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, your immune system and more. For a while, I didn’t have an immune system, a metabolism and my chemistry was all whacked out.

No wonder I packed on the pounds, was sick all the time plus I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. Studies show that you can eat the same meal in two different environments and one you will gain weight, the other you will not. Impossible you say? Check out this report, it will shock you!

So what is the solution?

First of all girls we need to delete the word “diet” from your vocabulary! We are going to formulate a weight management program for you! To do that effectively you will need to re-program your brain, first and foremost. It only takes 21 days to make a new habit and replace one that needs deleting…

  • Each morning as you get up repeat this, “I am managing my weight today
  • Take the time to fix a good breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day. It will give your blood the nutrients it needs to break up the resting cells and prevent a heart attack or stroke. I don’t mean a ranchers breakfast, I mean a well balance, portioned meal…like 1/2 cup whole grain cereal, 1/2 banana or in season fruit, cup of coffee or tea.
  • A few hours later, add a small snack like 1/2 an apple or orange. Maybe a few crackers and cheese…not 1/2 a brick!
  • Lunch should be light and portioned like breakfast. Use a smaller plate and avoid fast foods.
  • A few hours later, add another small snack, maybe a handful of raw nuts and a glass of water.
  • Dinner, never do without! Eat a well balanced dinner. You may eat what the family eats…just not as much. Slow down, chew your food, savor the flavor as it glides over your taste buds. Don’t deprive yourself…you are NOT on a DIET, remember…we are managing our weight.

Keep in mind, all women over 50 are individuals. We may need to adjust plus or minus from the above examples according to our personal weight, needs and circumstances. These are examples only and shouldn’t be considered a plan for every person individually.

Take a minute…

So, for now, take a minute, sit back and think about your plan of action. Congratulate yourself for taking the first step towards re-thinking your weight loss. Re-program your brain and delete the word “diet” from your very vocabulary, do it NOW!

Think about how you are going to feel about yourself when you’ve achieved your first 30 days of your program! Feels good doesn’t it? Next post we will bring you more on how to re-program your life and weight with some proven tips for a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.

So, here’s the challenge…

Put some thought into how you are going to implement the above suggestions to re-program your thoughts, your actions and reactions. Think about balancing out your life, diet and time. By thinking I mean literally think, but DO NOT DWELL on the subject.

Do what you must do to put your plan into action, then relax and live your life. Give yourself a treat daily, a small one. Instead of food as a treat…maybe a trip to the spa, a pedicure, a manicure, a new book to read, a walk down the lane. Then spend a few minutes each day congratulating yourself for a job well done!

To Your Success,
Carla J Gardiner

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