Aging baby-boomer shares current news about pregnancy and vitamins

Current News, Pregnancy and Vitamins

Current news usually does not interest me a lot, except when pregnancy is involved…after all I am busy writing, sending out emails to prospects wanting to regain their health and talking with people who want to build a part-time business like we are. Mind you, it is not that the worlds events are not important to me; it is just that like most…I am busy with life!

But today an article on a friends blog caught my eye…

High Doses of Vitamin D May Cut Pregnancy Risks. My friend, Mark Crapo is a doctor of alternative medicine and is very thorough when it comes to research, as it directly applies to his practice and patients. When Mark posts an article I read it. It usually has information about how to take good care of my body and my family’s health, too.

Now I am not pregnant, thank goodness, but my daughter is in her fourth pregnancy and her second trimester. Being a typical mom, I am always looking out for anything that will help protect my kids. I am sure lots of moms out there watch the current news and do the same thing. Just because the kids grow up does not mean we stop being parents, right?

I think that the medical community has an obligation to provide more than a prescription for pre-natal vitamins for pregnant women, today.

They need to provide education for these moms, teach them WHY they need to use quality vitamins, not just for themselves, but so the baby will get all of the nutrition it needs for good strong little bodies and minds.

Have you ever watched a pregnant women at the mall? What do they eat…healthy vegetables and fruits, or fast food and soda? When I call my pregnant daughter for a visit I am always asking, making sure she is taking her vitamins, making sure the grand-babies are taking their little vitamins, too.

My daughter knows that it is important to give them the right vitamins to stay healthy, she does her best to give them the right foods too, but you know kids…give them a choice between a cookie and an apple…it is the cookie every time. My daughter has seen her children stay healthy and well when all of the nieces and nephews are sick around them. She believes the difference is because she took her vitamins when she was pregnant and because she gives the kids their vitamins every day.

After reading the current news article on vitamin D and pregnancy, it made me call my daughter to share the facts about birth defects, disease and birth complications when good nutrition and vitamins are absent. Was she all excited about this conversation? NO! Actually she was rather bored by the whole conversation, but she humors her whacky mom and knows that I love her and only want the best for my pregnant daughter and my future grand baby.

Pregnant or not, you need to see this, click the door…

Helping Turn Back the Clock,
Carla J Gardiner