5 Core Values Reveal Who You Really Are


5 Core Values Reveal Who You Really Are


Have you ever stopped to really think about who you are? Did you know that when you figure out what YOUR core values are you’ll understand yourself better? In the business world, people will watch what you do way more than what you say you will do. By digging deep inside to find the answer to these 5 core values you’ll be able to be the real you, in business as well as at home. Others will come to know, like and trust you and want to do business with you when their values line up with yours.

I’ve prepared my core values to use as an example for you to model. You may or may not agree with my personal core values and that’s okay…these are very personal in nature and only you can determine how you feel. I took the liberty to look up the definition of core values so that doing this task might make more sense.


Definition – Core Values – the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization


After much thought and listening to my heart I was able to write out five core values that are important to me. If you would like to share yours with me, please do so in the comments below, I’d love to read them and get to know you better.


My Core Values


Spirituality – I must keep Jehovah God first in my daily life. Developing my relationship with Him is the most important aspect of my life. Building my faith in Him, His commands and promises allow me to find peace, balance, and joy. It also enables me to focus on serving others, keeping in mind their needs without being selfish.


Family – Sometimes I work so hard, getting so focused that I forget the loved ones who are the very reason I’m building my business. I will buy out time to spend with my husband. Our kids are grown but they still want “mom time”, too. I will make time to call, Skype with them; encourage them in their role as parents. My grandkids are priceless, the best gift ever. I will spend quality time and play, talk and have fun with them as often as possible. Always remember my family, they love me and want to be with me.


Health – My health is important. I need to remember to eat real food. Eliminate processed foods and diet soda it will allow me to lose & keep off weight. Stop microwaving food; it kills the nutrients and leaves zero nutritional value for my body. Exercise even if it is simply walking, stand up to stretch often. Drink more water, take breaks and remember to take my Protandim & vitamins and drink my weightloss coffee daily. All the money in the world won’t matter if I get sick and die. Take care of your body and your health will take care of you.


Work Hard – When I’m at work I need to focus giving it 100% of my efforts and attention. Help others succeed by sharing the lessons I’ve learned not holding back. Ask a mentor to hold me accountable for my actions. Hold my team accountable for their actions. When I play I need to leave thoughts of work at work, turn off the cell phone, computer and play. My family deserves the fun I bring to their lives and I do too.


Freedom – by living my life by these five core values I’ll find the freedom to live a long, healthy, happy life. The lifestyle I’ve dreamed of building, one of adventure, friends and the freedom from the oppression of debt.


Listen in to this short video as I share with you from my heart my core values described above.