Coffee with Carla

Hi, my name is Carla J Gardiner, otherwise known as The Fiery Grandma. Today I’d like to introduce you to this special page – Coffee with Carla.

What is this page all about? What will you find here each week?

Let’s begin over on my Facebook Page, where each week we host a Facebook Live video about various topics. You can join me there by clicking here.

Subjects range from what I’m doing for fun to what is going on in my business. Business, health tips and lessons I’ve learned are shared to help you avoid making the same mistakes. Once in a while, we have fun giveaways including surprise, fun gifts. You never know what I’m in the mood to give away, after all, I am a woman 50 and over! You just never know what you’ll see and hear by attending live on Facebook each week on Coffee with Carla.

Enjoy, sit back, learn and share. See you soon on Facebook.