How To Use Your Gut To Squash A Headache

Hey everybody. I couldn’t wait.

I know it’s day one of our Cleanse and Restore – Heart, Mind, and Soul, but I have results already by using these phenomenal products. I have been battling a sinus headache for three or four days. I already use customized supplements. I eat well. I sleep well, except when I have one of these headaches!

I went ahead, started this cleanse by taking the outlined supplements. About an hour after I ate and took that whole handful of pills I began to feel a difference. I don’t know what the combination did, but it broke everything loose. Look, my face is not swollen anymore. I’m not nasally anymore. The best part for me, the headache is GONE. So the external application of essential oils is great, but sometimes you got to get them in the gut and the gut will bust it wide open. Thanks, Heather.

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