Tip #3 The Fiery Grandma Brought Home From Convention

The LifeVantage Limitless Convention was winding to an end. With many tips deep in my mind and heart it was time catch one final tip to take home with me. If you missed tip #1 click here, tip #2 click here.

Hopefully you have been to one of your company's annual conventions and understand that there is no way you can only bring home three tips. That being said I've come to learn over the years that it is impossible to work on everything all at one time.

That is the reason I take notes throughout the convention and then after reading them over in full I pull out three that really pop, stand out and are pertinent for where I am in my business at that moment. By working on my next step first it will help me to climb the ranks, lead my team and teach them as I go. It's leading by example and the perfect way to push up the leaders within your business and mine.

Tip # 3 – Go home, implement one tip and repeat

Over the years one thing I’ve learned is that when the convention is over the learning has only begun. With so much information no one can apply all of the tips the leaders have shared.

At each step of our business our understanding and skill will grow according to how much we use it. It’s like a toddler learning to walk. They begin by holding onto the coffee table or wall. Their little legs are very wobbly at first until they develop the muscles in their thighs. The more they use them the stronger they get. The stronger their legs get the further they can walk. Pretty soon they are not holding onto the table or wall anymore they are toddling all over the house. Soon their cute little toddles turn into a full on race and mommy and daddy can barely keep up with them.

Although I learn slowly and must make application to move onward this trip I got the big lesson. That lesson is to re-read my notes within 24 hours. The plane ride home made for a nice setting to look my notes over and discuss them with my friend who also attended the convention with me. We compared notes and strategized what tips we would be working on individually.

The big take away for me and the tip I am working on currently is to focus on my personal goals and lead by example. Those shining stars that join us in our business will raise their hands and ask for help. Those who want this business as badly as I do will be like cream on fresh milk, they will rise to the top.

So, the three business tips that I brought home from attending the LifeVantage annual convention have given me exactly what I need to work on in my business. The next leadership training is coming up in Orlando, Florida in July and my goal is to lead more of my team to join me. My hope is that they will believe in themselves enough to get the training they need to build a business of their dreams just like I am.

I’d love to hear if these three business tips have helped you in any way. Leave your comments below and feel free to share them with your friends and family who can use them, too.



Carla Gardiner is known as "THE Fiery Grandma" because she found new energy, endurance and youth. Her passion and purpose lies with baby boomer trends, the people she works with daily; aging men, women, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas who want to feel better, have more energy and have fun like they did when they were twenty-something. Join her for more energy, fun and profits.