Baby Boomer Trend Set By Country Western Singer

Baby Boomer Marketing Trends Set By Country Western Star

Family time and movies
The other day Rich and I took some time to relax. We both love to watch movies, especially flicks about people and animals. This month we were surprised to receive a year of free movie channel from our satellite provider. After lunch and taking our Protandim we turned on the television and one of our favorite country western singers was on. George Straight made a movie back in 1992 called Pure Country. Today it was playing once again and we quickly settled onto the couch and into relax mode.
I thought you would enjoy a clip from the movie. You’ll quickly see why he is my favorite singer and entertainer, too. Whether you like country western music or not, you can not argue that the entertainment is top notch. I had no idea that watching a movie great, by an artist we love would teach me a marketing lesson. Sure enough though, digging into his background I sure found one. Enjoy…

Baby boomer, George Straight delivers
George Straight was born in May of 1952. Yes, he is one of us…he is a baby boomer. The unique thing about George is that he started setting baby boomer trends even before we were called baby boomers.
What did he do and how did he do it? George was raised by his father on the family ranch in Texas. He grew up loving rock and roll music and joined a band that played out of his garage.
After he graduated high school, like many he went off to college. However, he soon dropped out and married his sweetheart. Enlisting in the Army George landed in Hawaii two years later. One night he found himself playing in an Army band. The genre? It was not the rock and roll George loved. George played his first note of country music that night. In 1975 he left the Army and headed back to Texas, back home to his roots.
Following his passion he found a band, Ace in the Hole and re-entered college. George’s passion was rock and roll, however; the fans did not want that. This band survived a little while and then dissolved. He was now faced with a decision. Should he pursue what HE loved…rock and roll; or should he give his FANS what they wanted and would pay for…country western.
As the old saying goes…the rest is history. George Straight is now a country western legend. He won his first award in 1984 touted as “Top Male Vocalist”. Awards now include “Male Vocalist of the Year”, “Album of the Year”, “Single of the Year” and many more. As a full fledged baby boomer, George now has led the way and is leaving a legacy for future generations of artists.

His latest Greatest Hits, proves beyond a shadow of doubt that he has a hold on the top of the country scene. Even though he rarely gives interviews, he holds that claim with tenacity, reassuring his fans from year to year with releases of box sets and singles. “The Best Day” seems to be the best of the lead in singles, as do of course all the previous released singles such as “Adalida,” “Blue Clear Sky”, “You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody”, “True“, “and of course “Round About Way“.

The fifteen hit cd is certain to go the same way as Out of the Box. It sold off the shelves in its very first day.

What this forever young, fiery grandma of four learned from re-watching this movie was we MUST give our fans what they want. It is not about us. We are here to serve others, to lead them to their hopes, dreams and the healthy lifestyle they have dreamed of.
If George Straight could figure it out back in the seventies without social media, email and the internet; surely we can follow the baby boomer trends and serve our fans, too.

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Helping Turn Back the Clock,
Carla J Gardiner
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