Auto transport – turn what you are passionate about into a healthy profit

Ever noticed that profits come easier and faster when you love what you do? That is exactly what has become crystal clear in the past few weeks. It was this revelation that caused gears to shift and a re-examination of our motives to occur.

You see, working an auto transport business is sort of like buying a new car. Have you ever noticed that once you start driving your new car all of a sudden you see dozens of the same model, maybe even the same color. Isn't that just a little bit weird? Really though, it's just that now you are more aware of the same color, make and model car as what you are driving.
It's the same way for sharing what you are passionate about and turning that passion into profits. If you talk about auto transport and healthy living daily and it flows naturally, then you can tie in how you do what you do easily. Make sense?


If you seriously want to gather the health tips of an auto transport broker, keep reading…
Immersed in the lingo of an auto transport broker…
From as early as 6 am each day the spoken language in the office switches from what we call normal English to "trucker-ese". Being an auto transport broker and dispatcher has a language all it's own. Gone are the days of words like "10-4 good buddy"; yet other slang terms still remain, like "refer", "car hauler" and hot shot.
There are parts of the business the broker really likes and others that they could leave in a second. You can probably guess that the part they love is working with people like you. Talking with you, getting to know you and what they can do to help you, that is just the best.
The part that isn't so great is when they get an angry truck driver yelling at them. There are lots of brokers and drivers out there who could use a dose of personal growth training or two. We'd even give them free training on how to treat customers; which includes other brokers and drivers.
Auto transport brokers need vitamins too…

Then it dawned on us that everyone, including auto transport brokers need vitamins too. It didn't register though that another broker could help them in their day to day jobs. There isn't a day goes by that they don't talk with someone who is sick. Whether it's hacking and coughing with the flu, a cold or allergies; they sound terrible and should be home in bed. What is it like where you work? Bet you see the same thing, don't you?
The problem is that in this industry there are no benefits. Each broker is on commission only and in order to eat they have to show up and work. We do our best to share our story with them; how we've stayed healthy. In six years we've missed one day of work, and we work six days a week!
Not changing careers, but direction with clear focus…
Although we are changing direction, we haven't changed careers. Our hope is that by reaching out to everyone in all sorts of jobs, more can be helped to be healthier. If you know of someone who works in a job that doesn't have benefits, share this story.
If each one of us helps just one person stay well this winter season imagine how much happier we all will be! If you know any auto transport brokers out there looking for another broker to talk with, tell them what you've read here. All of us can use a new friend, right?

Have an awesome week, make a new friend, and remember to smile…you'll burn calories and make someone's day, too!
Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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