Auto transport – is it for you?

As I debated about becoming an auto transport broker myself, I often wondered what type of person would be interested inauto transport. Only knowing one person involved in the business it was not an easy answer to find. However, within a few weeks my research found a variety of people who owned these types of businesses.

Part of my research involved making sure the business could be a profitable one. No one wants to sink money into something that will not produce a return. What I found is that regardless of the economy people will always continue to move. Children grow up. They go off to school, move across country, even get married and relocate. It only made sense that the market is one that will continue no matter what. 

When putting all of the facts together, the auto transport business was a solid proposition. In the six years, since we opened our doors we have enjoyed all the rewards of working for ourselves. From freedom to travel to the limitless income potential, it was the right decision for us.

Have you been looking for a rewarding, challenging career change? Maybe starting an auto transport business is for you, too.

These brokers are just like you and me.

One particular woman is an ex-waitress. She desired to get off her feet and work from home. We have since become friends and she has been instrumental in my accumulation of a wealth of knowledge.

Businesspersons from diverse industries seemed to be attracted to auto transport as well. Some were self-employed while others were corporate employees looking for a way out.

There was yet another part of the work force that wanted to realize freedom too. A mom of three young children who was a full time student while working full time, too. She was looking for a way to work from home, be with her kids and be able to finish school without killing herself.

Another broker was a truck driver and his wife. They bought an existing brokerage for his wife to run while he was on the road. She was able to keep his truck loaded with cars. In addition, she scheduled her own clients with trucks who ran different routes than her husband.

Everyone had a few things in common. They were all willing to invest in their education and their future. They were willing to work hard and learn as they built their business. All of them had the desire to have the freedom to work when they wanted to. It was very important to them all to be able to work from anywhere. They could still serve their client whether it was in the office or on vacation. Last but certainly not least they all wanted "no ceiling" on the income they could earn.

Is it a money making proposition?

There are no guarantees when building a business. Being a business owner is nothing like being an employee. In order to make money in business we must show up and give it 110% every day, without exception. There will be difficulties, this is how we learn and grow.

What I have come to learn is that you take it as it comes. One month you may be busier than a bee. The next month you might be able to catch your breath and relax a bit. During this time, you will be able to catch up filing, send thank you cards and balance the books.

We had to adopt the attitude of take it while the getting is good and save for that rainy day. Some seasons of the year are flat out crazy busy. This usually occurs from about mid-February through August when the kids go back to school.

Other seasons are very slow. This time of year, we learned to relax, maybe take that long awaited vacation. It takes planning your finances though or you can spend every last dime. Then you could find yourself in a pickle come the "relaxing season".

One thing is for sure. Auto transport can be a money-making business. You can learn how to become an auto transport broker; and with the right attitude, coach and determination you can work from the comfort of your home office. You can succeed in building a profitable business in auto transport

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