Anti-aging, Fiery Grandma Turns Back the Clock in Office from Carla J Gardiner on Vimeo.

Anti-aging, Fiery Grandma Turns Back the Clock in Office Labor Day

This anti-aging, fiery grandma of four turned back the clock this Labor Day weekend. Asking her FaceBook family to hold her accountable she finished the daunting task at 10 PM Monday night. (Don't remember what it looked like before? Click here to see for yourself…) Without your loving support I would have quit on Saturday…there was more "stuff" in this office than I thought.

Four bags of shredding later, with several more to come we purged outdated documents, threw out old product fliers, compensation plans and magazines. I'm not really sure how it all fit in here to tell you the truth.

Many thanks goes out to you all for your love, support and organizing tips. You are the best friends a girl could have. I only wish we were closer to celebrate with lunch, dinner, a glass of wine or something!

I have two questions for you.

  1. What stops you from starting a major project like this?
  2. Whether young or old family and friends may try to stop us from pursuing our goals. Does this happen to you?

Post your answers below. I want to know what we have in common.

Turning Back the Clock,