Anti Aging Fiery Grandma Hangs Ten in Changing Tide of Business

Moments of reflection

Reflecting over the past years in business, I have learned many things. Many have propelled me forward into areas of business that I did not know about. Some made me scared while others were familiar to me. I think the most inspiring thing I learned was how to face the reality of business head-on without fear, taking the emotion out of the decision.

One thing that has not changed is that I am a woman, wife, mother, and grandma who loves people. Besides being a student, coaching other students, and running a business I have learned how to turn back the clock. That lesson turned me into an anti-aging, fiery grandma of eight who looks and feels better than she has in years.

Being able to bounce back after making a life-changing decision has not always been easy. The first decision of that kind happened back when I decided to leave my first network marketing business. When my friend and mentor, Gary called me to let me know he was leaving, I remember how I felt and what I did. Handing the phone to my husband, Rich I raced to the bathroom and threw up.

Today when making a decision of that magnitude some of the same emotions wash back over me. However, having learned that it is “nothing personal, it’s just business” has helped me to deal with it head-on.

I have learned that you must think on your feet or wash out to sea by the ever-churning tide of the marketplace. Another lesson under my belt is that when making the right decision and standing by it you come out a winner every time.

One of those stark reality checks happened one Thursday afternoon. I really cannot say it was much of a surprise, yet the result still stung a little bit. Any human being has to deal with emotions otherwise, we are nothing short of being a robot. What is it I am talking so passionately about?

Live your passion

In our auto transport business, there are many things I am passionate about, mostly the people who work in the industry. The job tasks themselves anyone can learn how to do them. Running a successful auto transport business for over seventeen years has proven to be lucrative, fun, and worthwhile.

One season of our business took us to serve our fellow broker friends. We provided free information that we had learned over the past few years in business. As the year progressed, we developed coaching programs to help them get started in the business. Many friends and business associates benefited from those programs.

As my skill at teaching improved, we hosted a free teleconference to give yet more information to those wanting it. Yet, many more wanted additional information. It really seemed that the request for details came faster and faster yet did not result in increased revenue.

Business decisions are not always popular

This is when the rubber had to hit the road or not. For the good of the company, we made a decision, yet I did not want to face it. It took a strong coach to show me how to continue profitably with a solid plan for my life. What did I want it to look like, and why?

So, in watching and listening to the marketplace my husband and I have decided to change our focus. It is time to look to the future with today in mind. It is time we start living the life we have dreamed of for a long time, with our grandchildren in mind. We have finally taken the time to define what that means and go for it.

As the tide of the marketplace has shifted, it is time to recognize the timing and start working on our backup plan. Therefore, we are starting to build our retirement business part-time.

While still working in our auto transport business, we are focusing on helping others find what we did. At our age, to recapture our youth, reverse health issues and financial woes is timely. It is time to add to our bank account. When we focus on serving others and focus on helping them get what they want, our goals and dreams will follow, too.

Our look will be changing, but our stories are still as entertaining and enlightening as ever. As this is our last post here on Carla’s Transport Services, we want to leave you with a gift we had promised you. Click here so we can send you a FREE copy. Share it with a friend or two you think will benefit from the information, too.

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