5 ways to increase your energy without spending a fortune lightbulb energy

Like it or not as we get older the end of the day isn’t as fun as it used to be. Gone are the days of finishing up the dishes after a candle-lit dinner with any energy to spare. The thought of spending quality time with our gray-haired Prince Charming has been replaced with the snoring husband with the remote in his hand…watching football.

So what’s an aging grandma to do? Here are five tips to regain that lost, long-lasting energy and it won’t cost you your retirement fund to get it back either.

Tip #1 – Where's the beef?

5 ways to increase your energy without spending a fortune - meatNot only will your cholesterol thank you but so will your libido. Yes, adding grass-fed, grass-finished beef to your diet allows your adrenal glands to return to a normal state. Today’s diet is too rich in processed meats and the average adult’s adrenal glands are overtaxed which aids in reducing your sexual energy.

Eliminate the legumes or beans. They are not healthy, they produce gas and are a culprit of leaky gut.

Tip #2 – Get out of the rocking chair and move.

5 ways to increase your energy without spending a fortune - man chairIt may be tough after a long day at work but your lymphatic system needs to be massaged. When we sit all day long at the office our body’s muscles aren’t exercised and our lymph system backs up causing soreness and a sluggish system.

You don’t have to go to a gym to get a great workout. Grab your honey’s hand and go for a brisk walk down the street, around the corner. If the weather is frightening outside take a trip to the local mall. Leave your wallet at home, this isn’t a shopping trip. No, instead power-walk the mall for 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how refreshed and energized you feel.

Tip #3 – You’ve heard it before but increase your water and electrolytes.

5 ways to increase your energy without spending a fortune waterWater not only increases your metabolism it helps stave off hunger, too. Eight 8 ounce glasses per day are the minimum amount of water everyone should be drinking. More importantly, though are the electrolytes you need to properly hydrate your body's cells. When you become more active increase the amount of water you drink and add another Hydrate. I promise you, you'll notice the difference when your skin and body are properly hydrated.

Tip #4 – Take off that bra!

5 ways to increase your energy without spending a fortune braYes, you read that right. Tight clothing including but not limited to our bra contributes to cutting off the proper flow of lymphatic fluids. This again makes our systems sluggish and steals our long-lasting energy.

Instead, wear loose-fitting clothing that allows your body to breathe and move easily. Pajamas fall into the same category and should be loose-fitting and comfy. We girls should remain bra-less for at least 12 hours to allow our energy to return to all areas of our body and the lymphatic fluids to freely flow.

Tip #5 – Finally, cleanse your system.

I know it’s not a very popular topic to discuss but we can compare our bodies to a car. How often do we change the oil? When we change that oil to keep that car running optimally don’t we also change the filter?

Our body’s systems including the colon are the same. Quarterly cleanses are an essential part of keeping our body fine-tuned and running properly…no pun intended. It’s been over 15 years and every quarter I cleanse my body. I’ve found I am rarely sick, my allergies are gone and my long-lasting energy is up.

Using these 5 tips along with taking a health assessment, I learned how to regain the energy that I thought I’d lost forever. I lost all hope of ever getting a good night’s sleep again. Living with the chronic pain in my lower back and down my legs was just part of getting older…or so I thought.

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