How to Put Your Passion and Strength to Work for You, Inc

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Put Your Passion and Strength to Work for You, Inc

 How to Put Your Passion and Strength to Work for You, Inc

This past week history-making news was made in Salt Lake City, Utah. More than five thousand happy, excited men and women over 50 gathered together to reconnect with each other, learn more about their business and have fun.

Never before have I ever experienced such fun, instruction and business strategy in this manner. My corporate job was the exact opposite: stuffy, boring and not exciting. How many people do you know feel the same way?

Can dreams come true?

I remember the days back at the bank, the hours spent in the break-room flipping through the magazines brought in by my co-workers. Dreaming of traveling to far off locations, exciting and adventurous destinations kept me going each day.

However, those fun places were not to be in my immediate future, at least not at that moment. Saddened by the lack of time, money and a way to get there eventually those dreams faded and disappeared.

Ascend the mountain to your dreams

This past week helped me to redefine success after 50. Those dreams once thought to be lost resurfaced in laughter, goal planning and mapping out the route to ascend the mountain to the summit.

New gifts were uncovered and presented to those who had qualified. Hope now springs forward for the newcomers. Who doesn’t like receiving gifts with no strings attached?

Building community and family has been one of our unique differences. Events are in place to reward our families for supporting our efforts to better our lives. Pike’s Peak in Colorado is on the radar and come July one destination on my bucket list will be crossed off and my dream fulfilled.

Passion, Strengths and Your Dreams

Combining all of my education in marketing, network marketing included has shown me that anyone, even women over 50 can redefine success if they want to. When we dig deep to find what we are passionate about, use our strengths to help others then our dreams start to become our reality.

Have you discovered your strengths yet? Watch this short video and allow it’s message to help you unwrap your strengths that will allow you to redefine success after 50, too.

The tips and strategies I heard and learned helped me to realize where my passion lies. Learning to work with my strengths will enable me to help others summit faster and remain positive instead of focusing on the negative aspects of my weaknesses. Realizing that my strength lies in working with others to reach their dreams got me really excited.

Can you imagine beginning to redefine your success after 50? What if you used your passion to begin helping others and it set you free from the bondage of that J.O.B. If your strengths helped other women to build a business working from home would it be worth it to step outside of your comfort zone and take that next step?

The next 90 days I am opening myself up to those who want to do just that. My goal is to help six women over 50, just like you, start to ascend your mountain, begin that journey by working from home using your passion and strengths to help others. Then not only will my dreams begin to come true, but…YOUR dreams will become YOUR reality, too.

If you know a woman over 50 who has been looking for a way to begin living her dreams again, please share this article with her.

Tweet and Like this with your online friends, too. I appreciate all the love you give and hope you know I love you right back!

Carla J Gardiner, The Fiery Grandma   Carla Gardiner is known as "THE Fiery Grandma" because she found renewed energy, focused purpose and new direction for her business online. Her passion and purpose lies with women who are redefining success after 50. Having built a traditional business in a predominately male world only to have regulations take it away, she knows how to get back up and do it again. If you are ready to find out how to redefine your success join her for renewed energy, fun and profits.    



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26 thoughts on “How to Put Your Passion and Strength to Work for You, Inc

  1. Life does not need to end at 50. What a great way to inspire women who are over 50. Women should not allow their lives to become dull just because they have grown old. Thank you.
    Lorii Abela recently posted..The Power of Visualizing in Law of Attraction RelationshipsMy Profile

    • Thank you Lorii that really means a lot to me. You are right, we are not old, we are just beginning and so many can learn how to redefine success after 50…I’ll lead the way

  2. Now this is awesome Carla – putting energy into helping 6 women reach their unfulfilled potential. There are many people (no just women) who need just that. All the best & thanks for sharing with us.
    Gary Hyman (Social Media for Entrepreneurs) recently posted..How To Create A Non Streaming Video Hangout On Google+My Profile

    • Yes, Gary I agree. Thank you for helping me spread the word and find those looking for redefining success after 50.

  3. So wonderful of you to want to help other women find their greatness after 50! God luck with everything, you are a real inspiration, Carla!
    Delia @ Blog Formatting recently posted..3 tips for heart (and your blog!)… and a giveawayMy Profile

    • Thank you Delia. I love what I do and feel very fulfilled every day I work with other women over 50 who want to do something worthwhile, earn extra money and free up time to spend with their grandkids.

  4. You are an inspiration to women of all ages, even me.. I’m hitting 70 this week but I sure don’t feel it.. and hopefully don’t look it;-) Good luck with your challenge.
    Pat Moon recently posted..Vitamins and Butter – Real or Imitation?My Profile

    • Thank you Pat. Working with other women over 50 I draw inspiration from their lives, families and experiences. I find fulfillment in leading them through the steps to their goals and building relationships with them and their families, too.

  5. I love hearing your stories and seeing how fabulous your journey has been. It’s even more awesome that you’re helping other women just like you take the same journey and lead them with a helping hand. Fabulous!

    • Why thank you Robin. I’m always encouraged by reading your comments. Helps this fiery grandma know she’s on the right track.

  6. You are so very cool! I am only 36 or I would take you up on your offer! Fiery grandma power!!! <3

    • You are so cute, Dani. Honey you don’t have to be over 50 to join me.
      We have business partners in their 20’s, 30’s clear up to their 90’s.
      What I look for are people who want more out of life, lifestyle And love helping others. If you’ve got the heart it don’t matter your Age 🙂 If you’d like more info just ask and I’ll send you a video With more information. Thanks for reading love your blog, too.

  7. I have heard that you should find something that you are passionate in and find a job in that field (or start your own business)and that it will no longer be just a job for you.
    Christy Garrett recently posted..What to Expect When Your Child May Be Getting Their Two Year Molars?My Profile

    • You are very right, Christy. It took me awhile, but with gentle guidance of businesswomen and friends I finally found what I am passionate about. Helping other women over 50 redefine their success is way easier after you’ve defined your own.

  8. Carla, that gathering seems like a wonderful place to connect with like-minded people. Redefining oneself at any age can be quite freeing. Thanks for sharing!

    • You are absolutely right, Meryl. Every event I attend builds more community, belief in myself and abilities. It is so much fun to coach others on to their greatness, too.

  9. Great article Carla. I think once we hit 50 we know better who we are and having a wonderful helping hand to help us to really shine with that knowledge is very important. I love that you are making this world a better place for all. I believe that is what we are all here to do! Thank you
    Susan Hinds recently posted..Joy to Live the Weight Loss Challenge week 3.My Profile

    • Isn’t that the truth, Susan. Life sure is a journey with twists and turns, bumps and lots of jostling along the way. But, I think the last 10 years have been the best for this Fiery Grandma.

  10. I always enjoy reading your posts, Carla. They are so uplifting! I agree, so many things change after 50. So happy that there are people like you that can help with our changes. God bless you.
    Alexandra McAllister recently posted..Ganoderma Is Often Associated With Longevity, Youthfulness And Vitality!My Profile

    • Thanks Alexandra. It takes a community of women over 50 to help each other. I’m so grateful you are one in our community. So appreciate you and all you bring to the table…thanks my friend.

  11. So happy you found your happy place! Good Luck on your quest to help others!

  12. Life and our perspective certainly changes after 50 and I have full confidence that with your passion and wisdom you will successfully guide anyone who chooses to work with you!
    denny hagel recently posted..How Parents Can Avoid the Common Disconnect in Their Relationship With Their ChildMy Profile

    • You are the best, Denny. From awakened health to helping other grandparents and parents alike choose the best parenting advice…you always make me smile. I appreciate your support and friendship more than anything on Earth.

  13. In 1990 when Tina Turner’s birth date marked her 50th and a stunning picture of her covered every entertainment source. That was 23 years ago and I said then, “I wanted to age that well!” Since that time I have continued to make a variety of changes that have impacted my overall health and living. I’ll be 50 in 2015 and I’m looking forward to it. With great role models like yourself Carla I’m sure I’ll make a splash, even at 50. Thanks for being such an inspiration on how to age gracefully and intentionally.
    Kim Hawkins recently posted..Monday Morsel – 15 April 2013My Profile

    • Thank you Kim. What a great tribute to Tina Turner, an iconic entertainer of our time…I can still hear her graspy voice and see those long, toned legs…you are right, if we can look a fraction of that good then baby – we got it!

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