Part-time Home Business, Answer to Prayer

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Part-time Home Business, Answer to Prayer

Part-time Home Business, Answer to Prayer”

Finally, I found a way to earn the extra money my family needed.

Network marketing is a great industry to be a part of for many reasons; one of which is earning extra money. It is an age old rule of thumb; the market place pays you for your value. What you know not what you are capable of physically doing is what you get paid for.

If you are able to lead other people to their dreams and goals you will be paid handsomely. Not so with your regular job. You get paid for production; when that production stops so does your paycheck.

Why did I choose LifeVantage to earn extra money?

Back in 1997 I was suffering from a lot of issues affecting my health; allergies, asthma, migraines, no energy, bad back/neck issues, being overweight, not to mention female issues (PMS and menopause).

Being diagnosed with chronic fatigue was the last straw. The dentist found gum disease, too. I was stressed out of my mind due to my husband losing his job.

Having tried for 5 years to get better; my health only got worse instead of better. All medications that I tried, failed. I was totally unprepared for the turn my health had taken.

At my grandma’s suggestion I decided to try vitamins and herbal supplements. I didn’t get the lasting results I was looking for with those either. Giving it an earnest effort, I tried several trusted company’s products, to no avail.

Then a friend introduced me to a part-time home business and it’s products.

I have to tell you it took her several months to convince me to try them. I was very skeptical, negative and depressed. I had lost all hope of ever feeling good again.

What finally convinced me to even look at what she was offering was this statement she made to me, “Carla, if you keep doing what you’ve always done…and you are looking for different results…do you think you will find an answer? You’ve got to change something for things to be different“. I will always remember that statement, it changed my life forever. It made me look at how unprepared for my future I really was.

Imagine…that night, January 31, 1997 I got started on the products. I had no money, an empty credit card and was scared to death. But I wanted things to be different, my life to be different.

Within the first month; I lost 12 pounds, got relief from the allergies and asthma. For the first time in years I slept really well with no pain in my back. By the end of my third month I threw away my inhalers, prescriptions and today, have not even used an aspirin for over ten years.

I felt so good compared to what I had felt like just weeks before, that I couldn’t stop talking about it. I talked about it at work, at the Little League games, at the school board meetings…wherever I was…I was telling the story.

Menopause came and went with no hot flashes or other symptoms, and even my daughter went from a raging, hormonal teenager, back to my sweet daughter, all within 2 months.

As time has passed my degenerative disc disease progressed causing extreme pain and swelling sometimes limiting my mobility. My doctors told me no surgery could fix it and I would have to deal with the pain.

Less pain, less swelling and I have been able to increase my walking, having fun again with my grand kids. I have lost inches, my allergies are completely gone for good.

Years later, still using the products everything changed. We noticed the effectiveness of the product slowly fading. The handful of caplets we were so used to swallowing seemed to grow. It felt like I would gag if I had to take one more pill.

A good friend from high school shared a solution with me. One little yellow caplet per day he said would help our bodies turn back the clock. After six months of saying no, being skeptical and afraid to change we did just that.

Today, two years and many success stories later we love our new regimen. Indeed that one little yellow caplet has turned this anti-aging, fiery grandma into a woman over 50 resembling that of a twenty year old.

Do I believe in the products I share with others?

You bet I do. Protandim is in a league of it’s own. With nine peer reviewed studies and more on the way, accredited universities have spent their time and funding to research, document and share their findings with you and me.

For me it is about helping others and making money as a result, not about making money and providing an inferior product! Sorry, money is not worth losing a friend.

You can see that you need to find your why when looking for a company to promote, this is what will keep you going when the going gets tough, and it will.

But it is simple and easy to share something with someone when you have experienced such dramatic results as I did, wouldn’t you agree?

So, what do you look for when getting started?

1 – You need to find a company that is well established now, one that is not in start up, but isn’t all used up either.

2 – If you are like me, you need to find a product line that you can stand behind, believe in and promote with your heart and sole, stake your reputation on, now you can sleep at night.

3 – Then you need to determine your why. Why are you willing to work extra hours after your regular job? Let’s face it, after a long hard day at a 9 to 5 job who has any energy left?

After many years of working my business and knowing I needed a why, I finally am able to put my finger on it, I figured it out. All this time I thought my why had to be tangible, something you could touch.

It’s not…my why is: I love helping others…and want success for freedom in my life. That is why I have never quit. Through thick and thin, I love helping people who want help. No matter if it is in my auto transport business, or how to get going on Face Book.

Having permission to have an opinion…

being able to really dig deep and “think” brings up the leadership qualities in a person.

If you just want to be told what to do; not think for yourself, and just do what others do; then you might want to stay at your job. Those are not leadership qualities. Nor do those types of people have the drive or determination to “want” to be or succeed at being a leader. They are quite content to sit for hours and mindlessly watch TV, escaping their unhappy, unfulfilled lives.

There may be some of you out there that don’t fit that mold that wants to break out of it and fly with the eagles. If that is you, congratulations, join me let’s fly together.

So, why LifeVantage:

  • If you love helping others find their dreams, you’ll love this.
  • If you want success, freedom & stability in your life, you’ll love this.
  • If you love building a business part-time, your dreams will follow.

The time is right to begin to work towards the life you have dreamed of. It’s time to stop being unprepared and join this anti-aging, fiery grandma of four who is exposing the secrets to turning back the clock.

Helping Turn Back the Clock,
Carla J Gardiner

p.s. remember, sharing is caring. share your comments below…

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