Healthy Lifestyle – Living Adventure One Ounce At A Time

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Healthy Lifestyle โ€“ Living Adventure One Ounce at a Time  Healthy lifestyle, what is it?

The very definition of healthy lifestyle is “an individual’s way of healthy living”.

There was a time in the not so far past that I had no idea of what
that meant. If someone had asked me outright what healthy lifestyle meant to me, I would have said something like, “you mean the lifestyle of the rich and famous”?

Being born and raised in a small, rural community my upbringing
taught me how to work hard. My siblings and I worked alongside our
mom and grandma in the fields. We started out working for grandma
and grandpa in their root stock vineyard and graduated up to the prune, peach and walnut orchards.

Those days were long, it was hard back-breaking work. In the fall and
winter we would cut the root-stock mother plants and haul the 6 to
7 foot long vines into the garage in bundles. We, my sisters and brother and I would cut and tie bundles. Then grandpa, when he was home, would pack them like a mule on his back into the shed. Grandma wasn’t as strong, so she used the little Cub Cadet tractor to pull them in.

Cold and wet, it was work we had to do to get the product, root
stock cuttings, to market. In the spring it was time to help till the
fields, put down the fumigation and plastic to kill the weeds before planting the new stock. Summer months were spent standing on our heads, pulling weeds and chucking rocks.

There was never time to dream of luxury vacations

or what we think of today as living the healthy lifestyle. Most of the time we were thankful just to get home for a hot bath, a big meal and fall into bed.

When the family took vacations it was usually all 5 of us kids in
the back of the camper on dads pick up truck headed across country
to visit relatives. Oh sure, it was fun and we stopped alongside
the highway at the Stuckey’s or tourist attractions occasionally.

One trip in particular I remember being so disappointed…I was
maybe in 5th or 6th grade and we were going to Yellowstone Park.
Now, think like a kid for a minute. What do you suppose I was
expecting? You’re right; I thought there would be swings, slides, a
merry-go-round, things for kids to do! Guess mom didn’t really
explain what the park was in too much detail!

As an adult looking back I sure didn’t appreciate the effort it
must have taken, but then I was a kid. Surely it took plenty of
money to tote all of those kids a couple thousand miles to see a
geyser, a moose and a bear, too!

Things didn’t change much when I got married and had a family of my
own. There were doctor bills, hospital bills, and car payments.
With house payments who could think of a vacation, especially one
like the healthy lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Our vacations, although fun, were weekend trips to the coast to
camp. Have you ever camped? With two small children it is hardly
what I consider a vacation, it is flat out work! Occasionally we
would travel to the mountains for weekend fishing trips, camping
with my folks or friends.

Once they suggested we get a hotel room and we freaked out, who
could afford a room? Our luxuriant dinners were the large order of chicken nuggets and family fries at McDonald’s with a soda!

Then I was introduced to network marketing

my thinking started to expand. The friends who worked beside me encouraged us to travel to conferences; our first was to Las Vegas, Nevada. That was huge for us, driving over 13 hours we were exhausted yet excited.

The next trip was to New Orleans, Louisiana. I’ll never forget that
trip, I was so sick with the flu…but I had a ball and remember
every wonderful side trip we made. From the jazz music drifting
down Bourbon Street to the century old Cafe Du Monde and the
scrumptious beignets with lattes. Those are memories etched in our
hearts and one day we will go back to enjoy that rich treat again.

That was my husband’s first plane ride…he was so scared that it
took us 3 hours for a 2 hour trip to the airport…we had to stop
at every rest stop, if you get my drift!

But it was so worth it.

The foods we experienced, the sights and people we met all different from home. The world is huge and is just waiting to be explored.

When we were introduced to nutrition our minds grew even more to
the healthy lifestyle waiting for us. Traveling to places like the Caribbean on a first class cruise, San Francisco and a bay cruise, Las Vegas, Seattle and the Space Needle!

We ate escargot, caviar (icky I was like Tom Hanks in Big…spit it
out), but I tried it! Snorkeling in the crystal blue waters of the
Caribbean was unbelievable; I had to pinch myself to make sure it
was real. You should have seen the vibrant colors of those tropical fish, awesome!

Debarking from San Juan, Puerto Rico my husband cried in disbelief
that someone like him could be experiencing something so incredible. Dancing on the deck of the ship as we pulled out of port was like watching the Love Boat on TV only we were the stars.

Thinking back I remember a special dinner we had with a whole group of our friends. We ate sweet, fried plantains a specialty of the area and their holiday season. One of our friends wanted local fish. When the waiter brought his plate we started laughing hysterically…he got a fish alright.ย  He got the whole fish, head, eyeballs, tail and all! Oh but the memories of such an incredible adventure and being able to share it with good friends.

But you know, if we didn’t have our health none of that would have
mattered. Without taking the business seriously we never could have
won that cruise to have experienced the lifestyle of the rich and

We were then able to travel to Maui, Hawaii with our best friends.
That was so incredible. We got to experience that lifestyle with
people we love and care about, healthy enough to enjoy it.

We enjoyed it so much that a couple years later we were able to
take both of our kids and grand kids back to Maui for a two week
lifestyle vacation. Let me tell you, it took all the energy I could muster to keep up with those kids, too! That rocks, there’s nothing like it.

Healthy Lifestyle โ€“ Living Adventure One Ounce at a Time


Today, life is still throwing us lemons. The difference is we
just catch them and squeeze hard…the lemonade is sweet and we
look forward to the next adventure in living a healthy lifestyle one
ounce at a time.


Join us; let your mind go…imagine what your healthy lifestyle would look like living healthy on the vacation of a lifetime…one ounce at a

Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
p.s. we’d love to hear what you thought, share your comments below…

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