Foods of the Bible, Holistic Medicine For Prevention of Cancer

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Foods of the Bible, Holistic Medicine For Prevention of Cancer

You’ve got cancer!

“You need heavy treatments of chemotherapy and radiation”, says your oncologist.

“We need to get started on this immediately or you are going to die!”, says the cancer expert. But, what about a second opinion you might think?

“All of the experts in this field will agree with this diagnosis; but, get one if you must! Don’t waste time, the longer you wait the more the cancer is taking over your body and you will die”.

Have you heard some of these statements from the medical community?

Maybe you haven’t personally been affected by this dreaded disease yet! Maybe you know someone who has though. Do these statements have a ring of truth to them?

You know, sometimes I feel like the medical community is so closed minded. It’s almost like they are being led around by a ring in their noses by the drug industry. These big companies who are taking advantage of a sick population by using scare tactics at a very vulnerable time in peoples lives…all for the sake of the almighty dollar!

Makes me so angry I could spit nails.

First of all, anyone who has ever been affected by any form of cancer knows the feeling they had in the pit of their stomach when the doctor said that dreaded word.

If the doctors would act like professionals should, if they were wise and truly there to help people they would share with the patient all of the observations. Holistic treatments as well as traditional treatments are viable options, who in their right mind would refuse to listen to all of the options?

However, there is too much at stake for that to ever happen, and I don’t mean your health or your life. Okay, I’ll stop.

Today, now more than ever, big money is being poured into the research of finding a “cure for cancer”.

Well, you know what? There are thousands of studies with documented results proving there are treatments out there that are getting real, viable lasting results. Positive results for those battling all forms of cancer.

Use of holistic, nutritional methods like Protandim for the prevention of cancer is on the rise and rightly so. But, it’s not to be, there is too much money fighting behind the scenes to allow the masses to make their own choices.

Nothing makes me madder though than someone being told they are sick and they just blindly follow the “orders” of their physician. No questions are asked, no search for a second, let alone a third opinion.

Has everyone forgotten that doctors are “practicing” medicine? I know fear is a major player here, but isn’t your very life worth a few questions, a second, even a third opinion as far as treatment goes?

There is no perfect science, no one way, not every body is the same. No one medicine set in stone will “cure” that dreaded disease cancer.

Each of our bodies is different, reacts differently to drugs, foods, even individual nutrients can affect each of us differently.

And yet, the same treatment is recommended for all, chemotherapy and radiation. Why is that?

The idea of using holistic medicine for treatment of cancer or any other degenerative disease is not a new concept.

There are physicians who regularly use a holistic approach to medicine and their patients see wonderful, healing results. Protandim has been used by thousands and they have seen tremendous results in reducing their oxidative stress.

If you feel that this article is hitting the medical and drug community below the belt, well…check out this book, written by Doctors Ross Pelton, R.PH and James B LaValle, R.PH. entitled “The Nutritional Cost of Prescription Drugs“.

I promise you, you will never, ever look at any type of drug, not even aspirin the same way again.

I know what it is like to be faced with death, I lost my first husband to leukemia over 33 years ago…no, we were not given the options of holistic alternatives either. To be honest, I’m not sure they were widely known about back then, I know Protandim wasn’t.

If I knew then what I know today and what precautions were available, I certainly would have entertained the idea! If the primary choice of treatment doesn’t work, what do you have to lose by looking at alternate options? Nothing, except your life!

So, we’ve learned that you have choices.

Choices to use traditional western medicine and/or holistic medicine for alternative treatment of cancer. The key word here to remember is, “you have a choice“.

Step up to the plate, take the challenge to take back responsibility for your health.

Doctors are educated in “fixing” our health through drugs and surgery. They are not educated in preventative medicine or holistic approaches to enabling the body to heal itself.

Holistic methods like Protandim for alternative treatment not only restore the body to vibrant good health, but it also promotes prevention.

Prevention is key to living a lifestyle full of vibrant, good health.

Partner with people who have your best interest at heart…

not just putting big bucks in their pocket or that of the big drug companies.

Ask for customer testimonials, ask if you can talk with them about their choice in holistic medicine treatment and how it affected their health, family and quality of life during treatment.

Those testimonials can help you get outside of your own situation for a brief moment and look from an outsiders perspective at a real, genuine option for your care.

Give yourself credit for being able to think. You will be able to do research starting with the resources listed within this article, use for research articles done within the university research labs, etc.

Use your common sense, don’t buy into the emotional urgency being sold by big business today!

Don’t worry-

there are a lot of others out there going through exactly what you are going through, talk with them. Ask what they have found out in their research, what are they considering and why.

You can do it, I know you can and will for your very life’s sake and that of your family. You all deserve to live a life full of good health and you will if you take your health and the choice back into your own hands.

Prevention starts today. Click here for more information

Here to Serve,

Carla J Gardiner

4 thoughts on “Foods of the Bible, Holistic Medicine For Prevention of Cancer

  1. Lol! Doctors are “practicing” medicine! I think we all have to do our own research. I personally would never give in to radiation and chemo. I know I’m kind of unusual, but given a cancer diagnosis, I’d go into research mode, and would do tons of intensive health promoting activities, like cleanses, exercise, sunshine, supplements, massage. You name it, if it doesn’t hurt, I would do it while searching for a viable treatment. Protandin is definitely in that repertoire!

    • I agree with you 100% Christiane. I watched what happened to my first husband as he battled Leukemia. Of the 10 months he lived 9 of them were in a drug induced coma due to chemo…what quality of life is that? He withered from a 6′ 4″ 235 pound man to 150 pounds when he died…a mere skeleton. Healthy solutions are out there, it does take research, asking lots of questions and effort but oh man is it worth it.

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  3. Hi Carla,
    I dread the "C" word. I lost my mom to cancer 37 years ago. Had she had the options available today, who knows, maybe she would still be with us. I probably shouldn't say that out loud, but I do not trust doctors and I have my reasons for that. You are right they are "practicing" medicine.
    Everyone should exercise their right to go for a second, or third opinion.
    Great article! Thanks for sharing it!


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